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There are different causes for beard and moustache loss. In addition, beard growth and hair quality vary for various reasons. Thanks to beard and moustache transplantation, physical and aesthetic problems are eliminated.

In addition to hair transplants, beard and moustache transplants are also very popular in Turkey. Instead of the popular metrosexual who was clean-shaven came masculine trend of beards of different shapes and people started to be interested in beard, moustache transplantation.

Causes of loss of beard and moustache:

The main causes of beard, hair and moustache loss are hormonal problems. The lack of hormones that form the moustache root is generally due to genetic structures.

Other causes of hair loss are the following:

– Damage to the root hairs due to scars and burns in the area.

 -Hormonal changes during the adolescence or in the 3-4 years thereafter.

  -Skin diseases for several reasons.

– Permanent beard shaving with a razor blade 

(Beard roots are damaged during the shavings and wounds occur after a certain time.)

The methods used during beard and moustache transplants vary from person to person. In addition, the patient’s age has to be taken in consideration.

Besides, people with incomplete and thin beards or moustaches- not only bald patients- can benefit from hair transplant.

How is a beard transplant performed?

The beard transplantation is carried out according to two different methods, FUE and FUT. Transplantation is usually performed with grafts removed from the back of the head. In this way, aesthetic problems are also eliminated after a beard and moustache transplant. In cases where the beard does not grow at all, a hair transplant is performed with 1000 to 5000 root hairs.

After the beard transplantation

A beard and moustache transplant is performed within 4-5 hours. Because of the small pores on the face, opened during the operation, rashes appears due to blood clotting. After the beard transplantation, small failures can occur. After these temporary failures, the transplanted roots show positive results within 5 months.

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