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Geri Dön


Ice graft hair transplantation is a method used only to strengthen grafts collected prior to implantation.

Hair tissue, gathered with a special solution of ice grafts, is ensured by the protection of high survivability, due to the process of pH strengthening (pH) and cooling.

Can also be used for hair, beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantations.

About Doctor Bircan

While Sait G Bircan,MD prioritizes the success of the operation and patient satisfaction in his clinic, he also gives importance in the non-clinical environment to the quality of his services in order to ensure the comfort and security of his guests coming from various countries of the world for treatment.

Sait Bircan,MD closely follows the latest technology and so he has performed countless successful operations in FUE, DHI and long hair transplantation since 2010.

He assists the patients interested in Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Dental Aesthetics operations from abroad who accepts Doctor Bircan as a reference..