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Over the years, hair loss has a negative effect on people; loss of self-esteem caused emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.

Hair, both for men and for women, is always the most important addition to a beautiful, attractive and powerful human appearance.

With the development of technology and medicine, hair loss is no longer a problem. There are many reasons, such as hair loss, genetic predisposition, medications used for health problems that require regular treatment, poor nutrition or malnutrition, iron deficiency, stress, sleep disorder, ringworm. You can also mention the rarity of hair and even permanent baldness in the elderly. In order to properly plan the treatment, first of all it is necessary to clearly determine the cause of hair loss, taking into account hair care habits. If necessary, examination of hair tissues is carried out in the laboratory.

Natural hair groups formed by several hair roots, i.e. follicular units, in usual time when hair grow and fall out, have a rest, and after a while hairs grow again. In the natural process, 90% of the hairs germinate and are at the growth stage (anagen), which lasts from 2-8 years. Hair growth is provided by living cells in the hair root, which promote hair growth. At the end of cell division, hair growth ceases, and at this time a dormant stage (telogen) begins, which lasts about 2 months in 10% of the hair. Usually, maximum 150 hairs are expected to fall per day. After hair loss, new hairs are passed through the same follicle. However, for some reason, follicular units begin to shrink, hair becomes thinner, sparse, and even over time turns into thin and rare hair, the process of which ends in permanent hair loss.

About Doctor Bircan

While Sait G Bircan,MD prioritizes the success of the operation and patient satisfaction in his clinic, he also gives importance in the non-clinical environment to the quality of his services in order to ensure the comfort and security of his guests coming from various countries of the world for treatment.

Sait Bircan,MD closely follows the latest technology and so he has performed countless successful operations in FUE, DHI and long hair transplantation since 2010.

He assists the patients interested in Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Dental Aesthetics operations from abroad who accepts Doctor Bircan as a reference..