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It is not correct for the patient to wait for his head to become completely bald before the hair transplant. On the contrary, it is wrong to wait until all hair is lost. As the number of transplanted hair grafts increases, hair looks healthier, denser and more natural.

It is not possible to cover the entire scalp at the same time with a hair transplant. The patient who has a hair transplant performed after complete hair loss may need to have more than one hair transplant session. Therefore, people with regional hair loss achieve more successful results with hair transplants. If your hair is already thinning or the scalp (roots) is not visible, you can try different methods. PRP, mesotherapy treatments can be used. A hair transplant is appropriate when the patient looks into the mirror and sees hairless areas on the scalp. Hair transplantation is also possible for women. In addition to the aesthetic feature of full and strong hair, we would like to mention that for women hair is of enormous importance for a healthy self-confidence. Especially after pregnancy, hair loss is not uncommon.

About Doctor Bircan

While Sait G Bircan,MD prioritizes the success of the operation and patient satisfaction in his clinic, he also gives importance in the non-clinical environment to the quality of his services in order to ensure the comfort and security of his guests coming from various countries of the world for treatment.

Sait Bircan,MD closely follows the latest technology and so he has performed countless successful operations in FUE, DHI and long hair transplantation since 2010.

He assists the patients interested in Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Dental Aesthetics operations from abroad who accepts Doctor Bircan as a reference..