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Advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey

The average price for a hair transplant with 4000 graft in our country is 2000 thousand dollars. This amount is more economical than many European countries.

In addition, the cost of a hair transplant with 4000 grafts in the United States of America is 10,000 US dollars. This figure is high for many people. Therefore, Turkey is preferred for hair transplants. In addition to hair transplants, tourist activities are also among the advantages in Turkey. Here people spend 2,000 US dollars on hair transplants instead of paying 20,000 US dollars in America and find the opportunity to travel with the remaining budget. Contrary to the idea that our country is preferred only because it is cheap, the technological infrastructure and the number of specialists in our country are quite good. Many Turkish surgeons are researching hair transplant techniques abroad.


About Doctor Bircan

While Sait G Bircan,MD prioritizes the success of the operation and patient satisfaction in his clinic, he also gives importance in the non-clinical environment to the quality of his services in order to ensure the comfort and security of his guests coming from various countries of the world for treatment.

Sait Bircan,MD closely follows the latest technology and so he has performed countless successful operations in FUE, DHI and long hair transplantation since 2010.

He assists the patients interested in Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Dental Aesthetics operations from abroad who accepts Doctor Bircan as a reference..