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The prices for hair transplants vary depending on the baldness of the area where the transplant will take place and the number of root hairs. The transplantation technique is also very important in determining the price. Based on the average of 2019, hair transplantation in Turkey is cheaper than in America and European countries. In addition, positive results are achieved according to the professionalism and manual dexterity of the doctors. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to our country every year due to the economic cost of hair transplantation. Thanks to advanced transplantation practices, our clinic achieves a 100% success rate. The most important factor in increasing success can be achieved by combining the expectations of the patient with the experience of the specialist.

Recommendations for patients who will have a hair transplant performed

A patient who wishes to have a hair transplant performed must first inform himself about the prices. Otherwise, high costs can be paid to a company with poor service quality. The satisfaction of the patients should be questioned under the supervision of a doctor and the patient should be ensured that it is a hygienic clinic. Another important point, which means as much as the prices for hair transplants, is the experience and success of the clinic centre. Errors in transplantation can lead to negative consequences.

Therefore, a good clinic and clinical environment should be determined for a professional hair transplant. The prices for hair transplants vary from region to region and from clinic to clinic. However, the prices of many centres that provide quality services are similar. For a transplant that may be performed once in a lifetime, professionalism and experience should take precedence over price.

How are the prices for hair transplants calculated?

First, the baldness of the area in which the transplant will take place is examined. Then the number of required grafts is determined and the hair transplant prices are calculated. The products and tissue storage solutions used for the transplantation are purchased abroad. Therefore, transplantation costs increase. The rise in exchange rates in recent periods has also been reflected in the prices of hair transplants.

Things to consider in price research

If the prices for hair transplants are too high or too low, the clinic should be re-examined.

Excessive fees charged for the warranty document should not be transferred to the patient. The guarantee given for health treatments and transplant surgical procedures cannot replace the professional support from your hair transplant team. Depending on the number of grafts, hair transplant price research should be carried out more carefully. It is appropriate to attach a certain number of grafts but recommending a very high number of recommended has also  to be considered as a marketing strategy.


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