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While Sait G Bircan,MD prioritizes the success of the operation and patient satisfaction in his clinic, he also gives importance in the non-clinical environment to the quality of his services in order to ensure the comfort and security of his guests coming from various countries of the world for treatment.

Sait Bircan,MD closely follows the latest technology and so he has performed countless successful operations in FUE, DHI and long hair transplantation since 2010.

He assists the patients interested in Plastic Surgery, Obesity Surgery and Dental Aesthetics operations from abroad who accepts Doctor Bircan as a reference..


Dr. Sait Gökhan Bircan is a Medical Doctor who specializes in his field by combining his academic education full of success with his professional experience and provides services safely.

Always providing professional solutions to its guests, Dr. Sait Gökhan Bircan is known for his unique methods. His career started with Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.


  • He started his Medical Education in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, which is one of the best and oldest universities in Turkey.


  •  He researched hormonal imbalances and their results, and the poster and article he prepared as a result of his studies were published at the medical congress in Antalya.


Performed organ transplant surgeries such as liver and pancreas at the internationally renowned Addenbroke Hospital (Addenbroke’s Hospital) in England.

Worked in the General Surgery Department of Cornell & Columbia University Weill Cornell School of Medicine in New York, USA, with experienced professors of international recognition in the industry.


  • The number of patients reached its peak in the 2013-2014-2015 period and provided services to hundreds of people to ensure a healthier life.


  • He developed a new hair transplant device that allows unshaved and long hair transplantation by working with doctors who are specialized in their field, and increased the variety and success of treatment with this fue motor, which has its own patent.


As a result of his devoted services, he was appointed as Levent Hospital Hair Transplantation Department Supervisor.

Attended the ISHRS Prague Congress to follow the developments in the field of hair transplantation more closely.


  • Participated in the Thailand Congress of the ISHRS association. He had the opportunity to observe the hair transplant procedures more closely in the Far East.


  • In JCI Accredited Hospital, FUE, DHI, Hybrid, manual and stem cell supported hair transplantation applications continue to be performed on an average of 3 patients per day at international standards.


  • Prof. Dr. He conducted laboratory research with Ayhan Bilir in the field of stem cell, tissue transplantation and hair histology at Istanbul Medical Faculty.


  • He improved himself by continuing his academic career in the Department of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine of Cambridge University, one of the oldest universities in England and the world.


New York Presbyterian Hospital reached a more professional position in the field of general surgery with training and studies in the Colorectal Surgery department.

Started to serve in the field of hair transplantation in Istanbul and worked with Turkish doctors to the members of the Turkish Medical Association and shared their experiences.


-In addition to hair transplantation, it has expanded its service area with medical aesthetics and stem cell hair transplantation branches.

He became a doctor at international standards with the lessons he took from Japan on stem cells and its effect on graft. It has contributed significantly to the development of hair transplant procedures by supporting the root transplantation with stem cells in hair transplant surgeries.


  • Becoming more known both in Turkey and abroad, Dr. Sait Gökhan Bircan joined the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), which has a limited number of members from 70 countries around the world.


  • He shared his experiences with doctors from many countries such as Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, America, England, Spain, Canada and abroad, and gave trainings to them and their teams on hair transplantation.


Participated in the ISHRS Virtual Congress.

In addition to hair transplantation, he continued his studies on scalp diseases.

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