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Because of the hair loss issue, you may be considering having a hair transplant at a good clinic. When it comes to hair transplantation, the success of the procedure can depend on a variety of factors. Among these factors, the experience and skill of the hair transplant specialist who is carrying out the operation is quite important. Also, another significant factor is how the follow up process after the hair transplant is carried out. In terms of the follow up procedures, there are things that the patient should and shouldn’t do. Moreover, the service which is provided at the clinic that you are getting this operation done in is important as far as the follow up procedures after hair transplantation. Considering that aftercare is a crucial part of hair transplant process, you should follow your doctor’s guidelines and pick a good clinic for hair transplant.

Why is the Follow Up Process Important After Hair Transplantation?

If you are planning to have a hair transplant, you must be looking for a good clinic and a good doctor for this procedure. After all, these two factors can really impact the results that you can get from a hair transplant. For a successful hair transplant process, the preparation part is quite important as well as the procedure itself. Then when the operation is completed, the follow up process is another significant part of an effective hair transplantation. Because at first the implanted hair grafts are quite delicate.

After a hair transplant operation, if the follow up procedures are not carried out properly, the operation may end up being unsuccessful. If the transplanted hair grafts are exposed to trauma, they may fall out. So the follow up process is important to improve the likelihood of the success of the operation. Also, another reason why follow up procedures are important is because there can be some side effects after a hair transplant. In order to reduce the likelihood of negative effects, a proper follow up procedure is important.

What to Do and What to Avoid After Hair Transplant

There are many things that you should and shouldn’t do after a hair transplant operation. For example, for the first two weeks following the operation, you must wash your hair in a specific way. Moreover, you shouldn’t expose your scalp to trauma for some time after the hair transplant procedure. This trauma can be in the form of getting rubbed with clothing, being exposed to pressurized water, trauma from contact sports, sauna usage and so on. When you get your hair transplant at our clinic, we will inform you about what to do and what to avoid after the procedure.

What Can We Expect After a Hair Transplant Operation?

It is important to know what you can expect from a hair transplant procedure. During the first week after the operation, the transplanted hair grafts are quite fragile and delicate. Then some time after that, “shock hair loss” usually happens, which is a normal part of the recovery process after hair transplantation. Around six months after the procedure the patient can start to see some changes. Finally, 12 to 18 months after the operation, the results of the hair transplant can be seen. For an easy and successful recovery after hair transplant, a good follow up process is crucial.

For an Excellent Service Before and After Hair Transplant Procedure You Can Choose Our Clinic

The follow up process is crucial for a successful hair transplant operation. If you are looking to get an excellent service before and after the hair transplant procedure, you can get in contact with us. When you have a hair transplant at our clinic, we can provide you with high-quality service at all of the steps of this process. After the hair transplant, we can do your detailed control and write you the medications. Also, we will provide you with a recovery program as well.

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