FUE Technique

FUE Technique

Hair transplantation with the FUE method is one of the latest technology hair transplantation techniques. The FUE technique is one of the techniques that is used as a hair transplant method in today’s world.

What is the FUE Technique?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is one of the hair transplant techniques. Local anesthesia is required when applying this method. The healthy hair follicles of the patient under local anesthesia are taken one by one. For this, micro motors with special tips are used. The hair follicles taken are placed in the hairless areas. While making this placement, the natural growing angle and direction of the hair are taken into account. This is very important for a natural look.

This technique is not a surgical intervention, that is, it does not require an operation. Therefore, it is preferred by patients who need hair transplant treatment with peace of mind, as it is easy and risk-free to technique.

The basis of this method is to take healthy hair follicles and transfer them to hairless areas. Before starting this process, the hair in the donor area from which the hair follicle will be taken is cut up to 1 mm and shortened. Thus, the donor area is prepared for the taking of hair follicles. A local anesthetic drug is used for local anesthesia. This drug is applied to the areas where hair follicles will be taken and transplanted, and these areas are anesthetized.

Each of the micro motor tips is placed in the middle of each hair strand according to the direction of the hair. The micro-tip scalp is pierced and the hair is removed. The removed hair is taken together with its microscopic tissue so that it can be placed again. Thus, it can grow in the bald area. Micro forceps are used to pull the hair root. These forceps pull the follicular unit and easily separate it from its base. Since this method is an automatic system, the application time is very short. Moreover, in terms of unit time, the number of grafts taken per unit time is higher. In addition, this technique minimizes the risk of damage to the grafts.

In the hairless area, smaller holes are opened and the hair follicles taken are placed in these holes. Each follicular unit consists of 2 or three follicles.

Before applying the FUE technique, patients are informed about the number of grafts to be transplanted in the preliminary examination.

Eyebrow Transplantation with FUE Technique

When there is not enough hair in the eyebrows, the appearance of the person can be disturbing for that person. In such aesthetic cases, healthy hair follicles are taken with the FUE technique and placed on the eyebrows, and the eyebrow appearance of the person is improved.

However, of course, it is necessary to have the hair follicles in the appropriate color and structure for the eyebrow area where they will be transplanted. With this method, the risk of hair loss in the hair transplant area is also reduced.

In eyebrow transplantation, as in hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied with local anesthetic medicines. This minimizes the pain that may be felt. Before starting the process, it should be decided where the hairs suitable for the eyebrow area should be taken. In general, the most suitable hairs for eyebrow transplantation are located in the nape area. Because these bristles are the most resistant to shedding. In addition, the hairs on the armpits and arms are also resistant to shedding. However, the hair follicles taken from these areas should not grow too long and negatively affect the appearance of the person.

The average number of grafts required for a healthy-looking eyebrow is 500. However, of course, this may increase or decrease depending on the person and the condition of the eyebrow.

It should be ensured that the natural growth direction of the hairs is planted in the eyebrow area and whether they grow properly. The hairs must be planted evenly and densely. Thus, the same and complete look can be achieved for both eyebrows.

The hair follicle removal process performed with micromotors depends on the area where the hair follicles will be transplanted. It is not necessary to keep the patient under surveillance after hair transplantation is applied to the eyebrows with the FUE technique.

After eyebrow hair transplantation, the patient should be observed periodically. In other words, the one where the transplantation is done should be checked regularly. Sometimes, redness and swelling of the skin can be seen in the eyebrow area where transplantation is applied. In addition, some hairs on the eyebrows may fall out after this transplantation. This is a very normal result. After this hair loss, healthy hairs grow and the eyebrow will have a natural and healthy appearance. However, it is not enough to achieve the desired result for eyebrows with the application of this process. After this FUE technique is applied and a healthy eyebrow appearance is obtained, care should be taken to care for the eyebrows and regular care should be done.

Does Hair Lose After Hair Transplantation With FUE Technique?

Hair transplantation with the FUE method is one of the most popular and preferred hair transplantation methods among patients. After a while, after FUE hair transplantation, patients experience a situation that frightens them and causes them to worry. This condition is called shock hair loss. In fact, this hair loss is the shedding of the hair strands on the hair follicles that have been transplanted and it is quite natural. After each hair transplant operation, this shock hair loss situation is definitely experienced. So, when does this shock hair loss occur? It takes place in a 1-3-month period following the hair transplantation process and is completed within a period of 2 weeks.

Beard Transplantation with FUE Technique

We can list the process steps of beard transplantation with the FUE technique as follows:

  • As in hair and eyebrow transplantation procedures, healthy hair follicles are taken with the help of micromotors with the FUE technique.
  • These healthy hair follicles are transferred to the beardless area with micromotors. The important thing here is to plant the beard in accordance with the growth direction of the beard.
  • In order to perform this operation, it is not necessary to make a cut in the area where the hair follicles will be transferred. This simplifies the process.
  • The most important point is to determine the growth direction of the hair follicles very carefully.

FUE Technique

What are the Advantages of the FUE Technique?

  • First of all, it is an easy technique that does not require surgery.
  • The recovery period after the application of the procedure is very short.
  • The frequency of treatment sessions need not be too infrequent on a periodic basis.
  • No scars are seen after treatment.
  • It is a technique suitable for both women and men.
  • FUE technique is not only applied for hair transplantation, it is also a treatment method used for hair loss in eyebrows and beards.
  • It is a technique that is applied faster than other methods.
  • Hair follicles transplanted with the FUE technique will not be lost later.

Is Hair Loss Experienced After Hair Transplantation With FUE Technique?

After hair transplantation with the FUE Technique, hair loss is experienced over a period of 1-3 months. This is called shock hair loss and it is actually very normal and should be a type of hair loss. With this shock hair loss, healthy hair follicles are not lost, the hair strands on these roots are shed. This natural hair loss is completed in a period of 2 weeks. So, there is nothing to be afraid of or worry about this shedding.

What Should Be Considered After the FUE Technique?

After hair, eyebrow, or beard transplantation is done with the FUE technique, it is necessary to regularly care for the area where this hair follicle is transplanted. Otherwise, hair loss may occur again and this may cause disappointment.

Who is the FUE Technique Suitable for?

Anyone who does not have any other health problems other than hair loss can have hair transplantation with the FUE technique. If the patient has other health problems, this technique may not be successful or the hair loss problem may occur again after the procedure. Therefore, this FUE hair transplant technique can be applied to both men and women without any problems and successfully.

Which Centers Perform Hair Transplantation with FUE Technique in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of knowledge and experience in hair transplantation. Therefore, there are many hair transplant centers in Turkey. However, we recommend that you do serious research before choosing one of these hair transplant centers.

We, as Doctor Bircan Center, offer you our hair transplant treatments with the latest advanced hair transplant methods. You will be safe in the hands of our expert team.

Are There Risks of FUE Technique?

The most important issue in the application of the FUE technique is that the expert who applies this technique has sufficient knowledge and experience. If the practitioner does not have sufficient knowledge and experience, he will make a wrong application about the direction of hair growth and hair transplantation with this technique may fail.

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