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There are areas where hair follicles are stronger. Beard and nape area are some of them. There are many reasons why the beard area is preferred in beard hair transplantation.

Beard hair transplantation is performed with special pens developed for aesthetic surgeon applications, expert surgeons and the best techniques in the world .


What are the Stages of Beard Hair Transplantation?

The first stage is the preliminary stage. The patient comes to the clinic and undergoes a comprehensive examination. Disease history is reviewed. The reason for determining the examination and disease history is to determine whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation.

If the person is suitable for hair transplantation, the date for the operation is determined. It is determined which hair transplant technique the person is suitable for. For example, some people are more suitable for the FUT technique. FUE and DHI technique is also used for many people. The preparation processes are completed and the operation phase is started.

Operation Phase

Hair transplantation from the beard differs according to the technique applied. For example, in the FUT technique, grafts are removed from the donor area by cutting them into strips. Long rectangular strips are kept in a special solution. The area where the strips are taken is closed with an aesthetic suture and bandaged.

Grafts are cleaned after a delicate procedure. The area to be planted is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Small channels with a thickness of 0.71 millimeters are opened in the area to be transplanted and grafts are planted in this area with the help of a special pen.

In the FUE technique, sapphire tip pens are used. Unlike the FUT technique, grafts are taken from the beard area with a special medical pen and added to the area to be transplanted. In this method, more grafts can be collected in a shorter time.

DHI method is the most advanced of beard hair transplantation applications. Hair follicles are collected with the help of a special medical pen. The donor roots taken from the beard area are kept in a special solution for a short time and then added to the area to be planted. It takes less time than other methods and the procedure is more painless.

With the methods mentioned above , the results of beard hair transplantation are realized exactly as the patient wants. The patient regains his natural hair in a short time.

Hair Transplant

What Should Be Considered After Beard Hair Transplantation?

It will be useful to pay attention to the following issues after beard hair transplantation, which is applied with different techniques:

  • During the first 3 days, the planting area should not be touched.
  • Plenty of water should be consumed.
  • Direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • During the first week, itching will occur in the treated area. Whatever you do, the treated area should not be itchy.
  • After the first 3 days, you can take a shower with warm water.
  • For a few weeks, you should stay away from hammam and sauna activities.
  • Habits such as smoking and alcohol should be suspended for a few months.

Why is the Beard Area Preferred in Hair Transplantation?

The thickness of the hair follicles in the beard area is higher than in other areas. It is ensured that more voluminous hair grows in the planted area. The hair roots in the beard area are durable and bushy.

The growth rate is higher than the hair follicles in other regions.

We continue to serve you with advanced devices and hair transplantation techniques in our Istanbul clinic.


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