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Every human being wants any operation on their body to be painless. In this context, the field of anesthesiology has emerged and continued. Especially in optional cosmetic operations such as laser correction of numbered eyes, aesthetic surgery, etc., individuals feel the need to question whether they feel pain. Because pain becomes a tolerable emotional state in case of necessity. In an optional operation, people do not really want to feel pain and pain.

What About Hair Transplant Pain?

Before hair transplantation, your doctor will have done all the examinations and determined the most appropriate treatment method for you. After these procedures, the procedure begins and in the hair transplant operation, which is an operation that usually takes an average of 5-6 hours, the individual does not feel any hair transplant pain as local anesthesia will be applied to the area where the graft will be taken and the area to be transplanted.
After Hair Transplant;
At the end of the hair transplantation procedure, your doctor will calculate the duration of the effect of anesthesia on the transplantation area and the donor area and apply a painkiller medication again accordingly.

When Does the Pain Start After Hair Transplantation?

The application of the pain medication given after hair transplantation means a minimally painful period of about 3 hours. This period is enough for the patient to return to his/her accommodation and start the pain medication given by the doctor after the surgery.

How Long Does the Pain Last After Hair Transplantation?

Pain after hair transplantation may vary depending on when you take your medication. If you take your medication on time, you will feel minimal pain. However, if you delay your medication, this post-surgery pain can give you a headache until you take your medication.

How Long After Hair Transplantation Will the Pain Go Away?

If you take your medication on time and correctly, the pain after hair transplantation will end quickly.

Hair Transplant Pain Level?

Although very rare, some people may have a mild headache after the procedure. This is considered very normal and expected in the literature.
Most patients report that they do not feel any discomfort after the operation. However, if there is still mild discomfort, painkillers prescribed by the doctor can be used. Hence, the feeling of confidence is crucial. If you’re thinking “Is it safe to get a hair transplant in Turkey?” you can give us a call for discussing the details.

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