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after hair transplant surgery

You should stay away from heavy work for a while after hair transplant surgery. Do not wash your hair, especially in the first week. The first washing process will be done by the place where you have the operation. Apart from these two warnings, we have explained in detail what you should do after hair transplantation below.


Which Shampoos Should I Use?

You should stay away from chemical shampoos until 2 weeks after the operation. Instead, it will be useful to use herbal-based shampoos. You can also wash your hair by massaging with organic soaps.
You can use shampoos or soaps recommended by your doctor. Or you can benefit from the recommendations of a specialist dermatologist.
By doing a little research on the internet, you can find out which shampoo or soap is suitable for the hair or does not harm the hair.
You can use user comments for this.

What Medicines and Vitamins to Take

After hair transplantation, your doctor will tell you which drugs you should take. In particular, you should stay away from blood thinners. After the operation, you will be given antibiotics and painkillers by your doctor.
It may be helpful to use biotin hair vitamin. However, it would be helpful to consult your doctor before using such vitamins. Thanks to the B7 vitamins in Bitton content, it can accelerate the growth process of your hair.
If you routinely use C, B and other vitamin tablets, there may be no harm in using such vitamins. However, it would still be useful to consult your doctor.
Rather than using vitamins sold in tablet form, we recommend that you consume vitamins naturally.

What to Wear?

It may be beneficial to wear a clean and comfortable hat that will not constrict the operation area. You will be given hats specially produced for you in the clinic where you have already had the operation.
It will be useful to wear clothes that will not squeeze your head area or leave you completely stuffy. You can also get help from an expert dermatologist in this regard.


How Does It Fit?

Sleep pattern is very important after hair transplant operations. Regular sleep will ensure the secretion of hormones necessary for the body. In particular, the secretion of keratin hormone will increase and this will be beneficial for your body’s needs.
You should sleep with your head and back slightly elevated until one week after the operation. You can also use special pillows for this sleeping position.
Regular sleep helps to secrete hormones that are beneficial for the body during sleep. It is also important for regulating blood flow. Because after hair transplant surgery, rapid or normal blood flow is very important for the healing process.

What to Avoid

After hair transplant surgery, you should completely stop the use of alcohol and cigarettes. You should not expose the planted area to direct sunlight. You should also avoid heavy sports for several weeks.
The first few weeks; You should stay away from activities such as Turkish bath, sauna and sea. Whenever possible, you should stay away from excitement and stress factors.
You should stop using gel and dye for a few weeks. You should avoid wearing clothes that constrict your head area and prevent the scalp from breathing.

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