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The best hair transplant method may vary depending on the person. Let’s talk about these methods in order and briefly examine which method is the best on the basis of individuals.


FUT Technique

The FUT technique was developed in the early 2000s and has been used for a long time. Until the FUE technique appeared. FUE technique has been preferred worldwide for approximately 20 years. The advantage of the FUT technique is that the processing time is shorter.

FUE Technique

The FUE technique, on the other hand, is performed in a shorter time compared to the FUT technique, and it is performed less painlessly. With the help of a medical device called a micromotor, hair follicles are taken one by one from the head area of ​​the person. So the process takes a little longer. However, the recovery time is shorter and there is no scar after the operation, as in the FUT technique. It is a transplant method that is generally applied to many people.
In this technique, the hair is shaved before the donor area is treated. In other words, the donor area is shaved so that it is shortened by 1 mm.

Manual Punch

Manual Punch method is a type of FUE technique. With a tool called a manual punch, small holes are made in the scalp and hair follicles are collected. With the development of the micromotor device, the use of this method has also decreased. We can say that this method is not applied much anymore, or even almost abandoned.


DHI Technique

DHI, that is, the direct transplant method, is a transplant method that is very frequently applied around the world, together with the FUE method. It has advantages such as rapid removal of the grafts, protection until the end of the transplantation process, being painless and not leaving any scars after the operation. It is a method that can be applied to almost everyone.
In the DHI technique, there is no need for shaving. With the same medical pen, both graft removal and transplantation are performed.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic transplantation is the realization of transplantation with robot arms. It takes place according to the FUE hair transplant method. The areas to be grafted and the areas to be transplanted are determined by the computer, and the operation is carried out entirely with the help of robot arms and computer.

Hyperbaric Hair Transplant

Hyperbaric transplantation is a transplantation method performed by using oxygen. The wound healing power of oxygen is utilized. In this way, the operation is completed with less bleeding and scarring. Other operations performed are similar to the FUE method.

Except for the FUT method and the Manual Punch method from the methods listed above, other methods are frequently used. In addition, applications such as hyperbaric and robotic methods can be considered as sub-branches of the FUE Technique. It is named as a method only because there are differences in practice.

The reason for the development of these methods is to meet the needs of people who have transplantation. FUE and DHI technique can be applied to many people. Other methods can also be applied according to the characteristics of the person who has transplantation.

For the methods we used with our patients, you should check out these videos linked below.

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