Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed With Someone Else’s Hair?

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In this article, we will talk about transplanting with someone else’s hair. We will explain in detail whether this is possible, and if so how.


Comparison of Transplantation and Organ Transplantation with Someone else’s Hair

There is a relationship between organ transplantation and hair transplantation. In both operations, it is important whether the tissues adapt or not. For example, if the tissue fits, you can transplant a kidney to a person.

Likewise, in liver transplantation, it is checked whether the following elements are suitable:

  • Whether the blood group is compatible or not.
  • Whether the tissue group is compatible and.
  • Whether there is a match of HLA antigens.

HLA compatibility is very important especially in organ transplants. The second important issue is whether the tissues are compatible or not.

Transplanting with someone else’s hair is tissue compatibility. If the hair follicles do not accept the grafts taken from someone else , that is, if tissue incompatibility occurs, hair transplantation cannot be performed.

Hair Transplant from Identical Twin Siblings Can Be Done

Someone else ‘s hair is also called insufficient donor hair transplantation. In other words, the person does not have enough space to be grafted or he is bald. So he has no hair.

Studies have shown us that it is not possible to transplant with someone else’s hair. However, there are some exceptions to this situation. Hair transplantation has already been tried with this method, but it has not been successful. The hair that stayed on the scalp for a while started to fall out after a while and it was completely gone.

Hair transplantation to a completely bald person is possible only if identical twins are donors to each other. Because the tissues of identical twins are the same and no incompatibility is observed. Also, identical twins have the same genetic code. In other words, they can donate organs or help each other with hair transplantation.

Of course, since the number of identical twins in the world is low, transplanting with someone else’s hair will be very limited.

Promising Works Are Carried Out

Although it is not currently possible to obtain a graft for hair transplantation from someone else, current studies say that this will be possible in the near future.

For example:

  • Hair transplantation from mother to child has been tried, but no visible success has been achieved.
  • Seoul University Hospital has carried out a number of studies with successful results in this regard. In the study, the body’s immune system was not suppressed and hair transplantation was possible. However, studies on this subject have been tested on mice and hair growth has been recorded in mice transplanted for a period of 6 months.

Studies continue to resolve tissue incompatibility in hair transplants from someone else.

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