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For a hair transplant process to be successful, all the necessary steps before, during and after the procedure must be done properly and carefully. One of the important steps that should be done during the healing process after hair transplant is washing the hair. However, since implantation of the hair grafts is a process that puts the scalp through trauma and the area is quite delicate after the operation, hair washing should be done by following some important rules. Otherwise, due to wrong hair washing, the healing process may be affected negatively and implanted hair grafts may be lost. So, let’s learn about the importance of proper hair washing after hair transplant and check out how it is done step-by-step.

Why is washing the hair important after hair transplantation?

Hair transplant process puts the scalp through some trauma and the complete recovery may take some time. During the hair transplant operation, hair grafts are taken from the donor site and implanted on the scalp. So this process affects both the donor site and the cultivated area. While recovery is happening, these areas may become infected or inflamed. Also, scabbing is expected after hair transplant as well. By washing the hair in the proper manner after this operation, the healing process can be supported. But if the hair washing is done incorrectly, it can even cause the implanted hair grafts to fall out. Moreover, improper hair washing after hair transplant can irritate the area as well. Now that we know about why washing hair properly after hair transplant is important, let’s see how this process is carried out.
  1. Hair Wash During the First Week After the Hair Transplantation
During the first week after the hair transplant operation, the transplanted hair is quite delicate and in the first week, the hair wash process should be done very gently and carefully. Otherwise the implanted hair grafts may potentially fall out. Here are the steps of hair washing during the first week after the hair transplant:
  • Your doctor will recommend you a lotion for this process. Firstly, put this lotion onto the scalp. Remember to do this with lightly touching the scalp. Do not rub the lotion but only use your fingertips for gently touching. Then let the lotion on the scalp for 20-30 minutes.
  • Lightly and slowly wash the area with lukewarm water. Do not use pressurized water for this.
  • Put on the special shampoo just like the lotion. Use gentle movements and don’t apply pressure. Then wash the hair very gently and without using pressurized water.
  • For drying your hair, use a paper towel and gently pat the area. Do not rub anything on the area and do not use a hair dryer for this.
  1. Hair Wash During the Second Week After the Hair Transplantation
During the second week after the hair transplant, transplanted hair starts to get stronger. However it is still not strong enough for washing it in a regular way. So at this point, too, it is necessary to be gentle with your hair when washing it. Here are the steps of hair washing during the second week after the hair transplant:
  • Put on the lotion by lightly massaging the area. While doing this, do not apply too much force and be gentle. Let the lotion on the scalp for 20-30 minutes.
  • Wash the area with lukewarm water in a gentle manner. Do not use pressurized water.
  • Then, put on the special shampoo by lightly massaging the area. When doing this don’t apply too much force.
  • Finally, wash the hair with lukewarm water and dry the hair by gently patting with a paper towel.
  1. Two Weeks After the Hair Transplantation
At this point the transplanted hair must become resilient enough to not be too easily affected from regular washing. Moreover, the scabbing should be gone around this time as well. However it is still important to be gentle and not apply too much force when washing your hair. But at this point, you can get back to washing your hair normally. Just remember to not to be too rough with your hair. Also, make sure to follow your doctor’s guidelines.

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