I came to Istanbul from England 10 days ago. This is a great city. I am coming to Istanbul for the first time. People from their team met me at the airport. Very friendly people, it was perfect. I had done a lot of research on the clinic, but I did not expect this much. They make you feel very important here. An employee was always with me during all my examination and analysis procedures. I didn’t have to worry about anything here. I just tried to enjoy Istanbul before the operation.

Hair transplant specialist is professional in his job. Not only the operation, but also all the details from the beginning to the end of the work were considered. The primary goal is patient satisfaction.

I was very afraid of hair transplant before I came to Turkey. During our online meetings, I had the chance to listen to detailed information about the operation from the hair specialist. After the meeting, all my worries disappeared. After I came to Istanbul, I felt much more relaxed and safe after the attention and care I encountered. I was not mistaken, my operation was very successful and I did not experience any complications. My specialist said that the results I will achieve from the hair transplantation process is very high.

I am currently in recovery. It is also unbelievable that these ten full days are so cheap. It would not be possible for me to pay for such a service in England. Even the hair transplant operation alone is one-sixth of that in my country. Isn’t it incredible?

Turkey is a wonderful country. It has all the features needed to reach such an advanced level in health tourism. The combination of quality, expertise and comfort should bring success.

I would say don’t get a hair transplant without checking out the Dr. Bircan clinic.

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