Hello, I’m Luis,

After my long research, I found Dr. Bircan clinic suitable for my hair transplantation operation. The first reason I chose Dr. Bircan was because he is a world-renowned doctor. I thought my colleague would help me feel better, and it did. My advantage was that I knew all the possible complications beforehand. I was as comfortable as possible during the operation. But I have to admit, being in a hospital bed is more emotional than a being in surgeon’s shoes. You are inevitably worried. Fortunately, Dr. Bircan’s relaxed and self-confident demeanor gives the patient incredible comfort.

I was bald for many years. My baldness wasn’t exactly an inconvenience. It was a need for a change and a curiosity about what a haired version of me might look like. Now, considering that women benefit from all the possibilities of medical aesthetics, we are in a cycle where men say ‘why not’. Now men also can get Botox, fillers and various aesthetic operations. It’s strange that it wasn’t that common until now. It is illogical to consider aesthetical interventions is for a single gender. People invest in themselves. I am also one of those who think that the investment that a person makes in himself is very valuable.

In my opinion, people should not just wait to be sick to have the operations. That’s why I find all the operations done for our appearances very valuable.

Already It is possible to understand the difference of hair transplant operation from all other surgical procedures in the Dr. Bircan clinic, from the comfort provided to you. I just took my suitcase and left Portugal. My flight ticket, the hotel I will stay in, and all my pre- and post-operation procedures were organized by the clinic in advance. It is an incredible comfort to have everything thought of in an unfamiliar country.

After the operation, I extended my vacation for one more week to visit Istanbul. Istanbul is a wonderful city. Besides Dr. Bircan’s surgery, I was also grateful for the city guidance. This is the only place you should choose for hair transplantaion.

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