Hi I’m Giovanni,

I chose Turkey for hair transplantation. I discovered the Dr. Bircan clinic when I was in Istanbul. It was definitely the right choice. Dr. Bircan and his team take care of every detail meticulously. They welcome and treat you like a royalty. Details thought out for you, appointments made on your behalf and a staff member accompanying you.

I have been planning for a long time to travel to Turkey. Hair transplant was also something I thought about for a long time. I also heard that Turkey is among the best places in hair transplantion surgery. Coming to Turkey has been both a health and cultural journey for me. One week after my hair transplant operation, I traveled all over the Mediterranean, starting from the Aegean.

My hair transplant operation was already very successful. Thanks to Dr. Bircan my recovery period was also short. Although there were some restrictions after the operation, I did not have any difficulties during my trip. Since November is not a time when the sun is very effective, I was able to explore the coastal regions of Turkey to the fullest.

You understand the doctor’s surgical competence after the operation. The way the operation is performed should be important for the painless recovery process. I had also heard of those who waited for a month to recover after the hair transplant operation. And those who experience various complications. If I had such a problem, unfortunately, I would not have the chance to travel to Turkey.

Dr. Bircan clinic is a place I would highly recommend. After the hair transfer operation, instead of waiting for weeks to recover, you are involved in life again within a week.

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