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The Choi Implanter pen was invented in 1992 at Kyongpook National University in South Korea. Thanks to this pen, which has delicate fine tips, hair transplantation procedures have become easier than ever before.
DHI hair transplantation is a technique born from the FUE technique. The biggest advantage of this technique is the Choi pencil. So in this technique Choi pen is used. In fact, the reason why it is called a pen is because its shape resembles a pen.

There is a 0.5 mm – 1.5 mm diameter needle at the tip of the pen. Behind the needle is a tiny motor called a micromotor.
Pen has two functions, namely usage areas. Its first function is to remove hair from the donor area. The second function is hair transplantation. Thanks to the many and different functions of the apparatus belonging to the pen, both functions are performed successfully.
After the grafts are taken with the pen, the tip of the pen is changed. Grafts are placed into the needle, which is connected to the piston through a tube, and sowing is performed.


How is Hair Transplantation Performed with Choi Pen?

This pen is used in the DHI hair transplant method. Hair follicles are taken from the donor area with the help of a pen. Thanks to the Choi pen, unlike other methods, there is no need to open channels to take the hair follicles.

With the same pen, both hair follicles are taken and hair follicles are opened to the area to be planted. Pen has a cylindrical and sharp tip. In other words, the structure of the needle is similar to the structure of the hair follicle. In this way, it can easily move through the channels of the hair follicles. The needle goes down to the hair root and allows the graft to be placed in one go.

How to Use the Choi Pen Pen?

In the DHI hair transplantation method, the Choi pen is performed with the following stages:

The grafts taken from the donor area are kept in a special solution for a while and then placed into the pen one by one.

The surgeon performing the operation applies the hair follicles to the hairless area at an angle of 40-45 degrees, which is the most suitable angle. Since the process is done separately for each hair follicle, it takes a long time.

After the placement process is completed according to the direction of hair growth, the patient is waited for a while. Then bandaging is done and the process is over.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Choi Pen Method?

The advantages of the DHI Choi Pen method are as follows:

Hair follicles taken from the donor area are more likely to survive.

Fewer incisions are made in the area to be transplanted. Thus, the recovery time is shorter.

Since the graft is taken from the donor area with the help of a pen, very small wounds are formed and these wounds heal in a short time.

This method is applied without shaving.


The cost of the operation with Choi Pen is higher than other methods.

It takes longer to complete than other methods. In some cases, a single session is not enough. In other words, the process continues on other days according to the planning made.

The surgeon who will do the transplant should be more careful. If the surgeon who will perform the operation is not experienced, it can also damage other hair follicles.

You can check our video about techniques and results.

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