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When To Get A Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a phenomenon that can happen to everyone, men and women, and affects people psychologically. Hair loss can sometimes start at a very early age. Especially in men, there may even be people who experience hair loss at the age of 18. It is really a sad situation when an individual’s hair falls out and baldness occurs at these young ages when physical images are most important.

After all remedies are tried to prevent hair loss and no results are obtained, hair transplantation comes to mind. Well, when to get hair transplant? Although there is no clear answer to this, we can say that there is a personalised answer.

The right age for hair transplantation varies from person to person and from situation to situation. However, hair transplantation is generally not recommended before the age of 25, as hair loss will not be complete. Between the ages of 25-30, the baldness of the head will become clear and the hair loss will be finalised. After this stage, hair transplantation is more logical and healthier.


Hair Transplant Age

People with hair loss are generally uncomfortable with this sparse and irregular appearance, so they want to be treated immediately and accelerate the hair transplantation process. Although this is a very appropriate and understandable request, hair transplantation performed while the person’s hair continues to fall out will not give a great result. The reason for this is that the hairline is not clear, baldness may occur again when the hair loss continues after hair transplantation and the hair follicles to be used as donor cannot be distributed correctly.

Your surgeon will perform a hair transplant (hair transplant), it usually uses hair strands that have almost zero possibility of hair loss at the back of the head as donors. These hair strands are placed in such a way that they are evenly distributed to the bald parts and provide the most beautiful appearance. If all of the donor hair is used before the hair loss is over and if there is hair loss in the area where hair transplantation is performed, it may not be possible even if a second hair transplantation is considered. For this reason, it is an important criterion in hair transplantation that hair loss slows down and the baldness line becomes clear.

Considering all these, we can say that the hair transplant age is generally between 25-60. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, the time of hair transplantation is personalised and the patient should decide this time together with his/her doctor.

Hair Transplant

Who Should Get A Hair Transplant?

First of all, we should state that hair transplantation will not be performed on everyone who is uncomfortable with hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss such as stress, genetic predisposition, age-related thinning and weakening of hair strands, etc. In order to decide on hair transplantation, it is necessary to be able to predict how much your hair will fall out. Of course, you do not want to continue living with thinning hair and an open head, but if you do not have a hair transplant at the right time, you may need to repeat the procedure. This causes both economic and psychological discomfort. For this reason, you should decide the time you will have a hair transplant together with your surgeon and trust the experience of the doctor.

Wherever you are in the world, you have the chance to have an online consultation with our specialists, get ideas and information about hair transplantation and submit your situation for evaluation.

As a result, the answer to the question “Who should get a hair transplant?” is again a personalised answer that can be determined with the support of a doctor.

When Should You Get A Hair Transplant?

There is no specific time for hair transplantation. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, if you are under the age of 25, hair transplantation may not give a healthy and permanent result. After a while after the procedure, not the transplanted hair, but your own hair may continue to fall out, and then only the transplanted hair may remain in the area of hair loss. In this case, you may feel the need for hair transplantation again and you may be upset due to reasons such as environmental pressure etc. Since all these are possible, we can say that the recommended age for hair transplantation is between 25-60 years old.

Although people are discharged on the same day during hair transplantation, they prefer to take a report and rest for about a week. Because, for example, in hair transplantation with fue technique; red spots occur in the area where donor hair is taken and sometimes these spots cause swelling, so patients prefer to rest at home. In this process, their newly transplanted hair grows a little and they return to their social environment with a more pleasant appearance. When you consider this situation, you should allocate an average of one week for hair transplantation and decide when to have hair transplantation. People generally prefer to have hair transplantation during their annual leaves and public holidays.

After you have made your decision, we offer accommodation for you (accomodation) and the Istanbul tour we have prepared for you to spend this process in the most enjoyable way (Istanbul Tour) do not forget to examine.

When To Get A Hair Transplant?

Should I Get A Hair Transplant?

If you have started to ask the question “should i get a hair transplant?”, we can understand that you are uncomfortable with your hair loss but you are not sure about hair transplantation. Especially for people with male pattern hair loss, the idea of hair transplantation may seem quite attractive.

However, before deciding on hair transplantation, you should review some points and decide accordingly. We can list these points as follows:

1- Are You the Right Person for Hair Transplantation?

Your condition must be stabilised before having a hair transplant. People whose hair loss continues, who are too young or too old in age, whose donor hair cannot be used, who do not have hair follicles on their head or body to be used for the procedure are not suitable for hair transplantation. As mentioned above, the best age for hair transplantation is 30 and later.

Whether your hair to be used as a donor is suitable or not can only be understood by a specialist.

2- Research Phase

You have decided to have hair transplantation, but you do not know where and under what conditions you will have it done. Since this procedure is ultimately a surgical application, choosing the right specialist and the right institution is very important for your health. When choosing; You should choose an experienced surgeon, a competent surgeon in the field and a centre that will provide adequate information both before and after the procedure and follow your situation with interest. This is an important issue for you to feel safe and not to have any problems. The satisfaction of those who have previously had the same procedure in the centre you choose is an important reference point.

Before/after hair transplantation in our centre (before/after) photos can be viewed on our website.

3- Is Your Budget Enough?

Since hair transplantation is considered an aesthetic procedure, it is generally not a treatment covered by health insurances. The technique to be applied and the location of the centre where you will have a transplant, travel and accommodation costs, disruption of your work during the treatment process, etc. You should take into account such issues and decide whether your budget is sufficient for hair transplantation. Considering all these, we should say that hair transplantation is not a very cheap application. However, this application, which will make you feel much better by drastically changing your appearance, is a good investment for the future. Considering the results, you will see that it is worth the budget you will allocate for the application.

4- Do You Have Time For The Healing Process?

Although hair transplantation is usually completed in a few hours, the recovery period is between one week and ten days. Your surgeon may advise you to wear a bandage for a while to prevent damage to your newly transplanted hair. Afterwards, things that may damage your hair such as swimming, lying on your side, wearing a cap or hat will be prohibited for a while. There may be redness and swelling in the area where donor hair is removed. Since age for hair transplantation is also important, people who have this procedure are generally middle-aged and have an active working life. Therefore, it may be necessary to take some time off from work and rest. For those who are their own bosses, this will mean following the work from home for a while. As a result; If you want to have a hair transplant, we recommend that you choose the right time, taking into account the healing process.

Is It Too Late For Hair Transplantation?

If it has been a long time since your hair has fallen out and you have not been able to have a hair transplant for some reasons, we regret to say that it may be too late. If you ask “at what age can you get a hair transplant?”, there is no specific answer to this question, but the result you will get from hair transplantation may be at risk because the hair follicles will weaken and cell renewal will decrease after the age of 60. So, at what age can you get a hair transplant If you are over the age of 18 and your hair loss has slowed down, you can start thinking about hair transplantation. Although the best age for hair transplantation is between 30-35 years old, you can make the best decision by consulting a specialist. Because the age, conditions and results of hair transplantation are personalised.

I Want to Transplant Eyebrows, Not Hair

Eyebrows are one of the limbs that have the most function in determining the expressions of people and revealing the aesthetics of the face. While some people have their eyebrows plucked because their eyebrows are very dense and dense, some people want to have an eyebrow transplant operation because they suffer from sparse eyebrows. Both are understandable. Because people communicate with each other by looking at their faces and one of the most important tools in communication is the gaze. Of course, eyebrows are the ones that shape the gaze. While eyebrow plucking, which is the solution for dense eyebrows, is quite easy, the solution for sparse eyebrows is not so easy. People try different methods to fill their thinning eyebrows. Eyebrow colouring, temporary or permanent eyebrow retouching methods have been widely used recently. However, it is not possible for these procedures to replace real eyebrows. By having eyebrow transplantation, you will have a natural appearance by applying real hair follicles to the eyebrows, just like in hair transplantation, and not only that, but you will also achieve a definite result.

In addition to hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation is also done. You can contact us for your hair or eyebrows and get online consultancy from our experts.

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