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What Is Graft In Hair Transplant

Men and women experience hair loss over time due to genetic factors, hormonal functions, environmental factors, physical traumas, vitamin- mineral deficiency and aging. Various medical methods are applied to eliminate the unpleasant appearance caused by thinning in the area of hair loss. Hair transplantation is one of the leading medical aesthetic operation methods that offer permanent solutions to people who experience hair thinning due to hair loss. Hair transplantation method is usually performed by transplanting the intact hair remaining in the back of the head to the thinning area.

People who will have Hair Transplant want to have information about the operation. The answer to the question of what is hair graft is one of the questions people are most curious about. Now let’s explain this most curious subject in detail.

What is a hair graft?

More hair loss is seen in men. The graft status of men and hair graft women may differ. Hair graft is a hair group tissue. You can read the explanations in this article carefully to get a good understanding of what a hair graft means.

The reason for using the term hair group is that there is more than one hair follicle in each graft. One hair graft may contain 2-3 hair follicles.

The importance of the term graft comes from here: The definition of the hair transplantation method includes the transplantation of healthy hair follicles into the thinning area. However, what is meant here is not the transplantation of individual hair follicles, but the transplantation of hair follicle groups. These hair follicle groups are called grafts. In short, in hair transplantation operation, not individual hair follicles, but groups of hair follicles called grafts are transplanted. This process is called hair transplant grafts.

The tissue containing hair is taken from the donor area in the form of a single strip (follicle hair graft) and transplanted to the thinned area.

The number and health status of the hair grafts in the donor area is one of the important factors determining the success rate of the hair transplant operation. The specialist physician who will perform the operation first evaluates the condition of the hair grafts in the donor area. There should be one or more hair follicles in a healthy hair graft and they should remain alive during the operation. Although it is possible to have between 1 and 6 hair follicles in a hair graft, it is usually seen that there are two hair follicles in a hair graft.

The number of grafts in a person generally varies according to genetic factors and hair quality. This number varies from person to person. To give an average number, a person has around 6000-8000 hair grafts in the donor area for hair transplantation.

How many grafts are transplanted in hair transplantation?

According to the hair quality and capacity in the donor area, the dislodged hair graft procedure is performed. The number of grafts to be transplanted is determined accordingly. Generally, 8000 hair grafts can be transplanted, provided that more than one session is applied.

For a visible positive change to occur in the transplantation area, a minimum of 1000 hair graft transplantation is considered appropriate.

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How many hair grafts can be transplanted in one session?

For the safety of the hair transplant recipient and the vitality of the grafts, the number of grafts to be transplanted in one session is limited. It is considered appropriate to transplant a maximum of 5000 hair grafts in one hair transplantation session. It is not recommended to transplant more than 5000 hair grafts in a single session. Otherwise, since the operation time will be prolonged, graft viability decreases and the desired result cannot be obtained.

If the required number of grafts determined by the specialist physician who will perform the hair transplant operation is more than 5000, more than one session will be required. This situation will also allow the physician to better observe the healing process in the second session and in which areas the transplantation density should be increased. When we look at the statistical results over the years, it has been observed that people who receive the second hair transplantation session have much more successful results.

How many healthy hair grafts are required for hair transplantation?

The number of hair grafts varies for each person. In addition, factors such as the area size of the thinning area, the quality of the donor hair, the medical method to be used are factors in the minimum number of hair grafts required. In order for the hair graft procedure to be appropriate, at least 1500 healthy hair grafts are needed.

After the hair transplantation procedure, it will be useful to take befor/after photos two or three times at the end of each month. These photos can be shown to the specialist physician who performed the hair transplant operation during the process. In this way, the healing process and the success rate of the procedure will be monitored.

Centres consisting of expert teams performing hair transplantation provide online consultation service before the operation. At the same time, patients can reach their physician online after the operation. Thus, patients living geographically far away from the medical centre can easily give and receive information. People who have undergone hair transplantation can ask questions online on the internet and access the information provided by the specialists.

For any reason, people may have thinning and loss of eyebrows. This situation causes an aesthetically unfavourable appearance. Eyebrow transplantation is also performed in clinics where hair transplantation is performed. Eyebrow transplantation is performed as a medical operation just like hair transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is an operation that is completed in a short time and performed with the latest technological methods.

The phrase hair graft turkey has become a brand in the world. For this reason, many people who want to have a hair transplant come to Turkey. Distinguished hair transplant clinics also provide accommodation services for patients coming from distant regions. Patients prefer clinics that provide accommodation services under favourable conditions before and after the procedure.

In addition, tours are organised to see the magnificent beauties of Istanbul. There are clinics that offer the privilege of Istanbul Tour for people who want to witness historical regions, unique dishes and magnificent Bosphorus view.

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