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Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Are Hair Transplants Permanent2

Are hair transplants permanent?

Are hair transplants permanent? – In hair transplantation, the donor area is the back of the head, such as the nape, which is genetically more resistant to hair loss. Due to human nature, hair follicles taken from these areas want to continue growing. This means that they will continue to grow in the transplanted area. This means that the transplanted hair will remain where they are transplanted for the rest of their lives. For all these reasons, these donor areas are preferred for eyebrow transplantation. As time passes, thinning of the hair in the transplantation area may occur. However, this does not mean that the hair will fall out completely. In the literature, it is thought that 95% of the hair transplanted by a good surgeon is permanent. However, if body hair is used as the donor area and not the back of the head, there is a risk of hair loss.

An individual who decides on hair transplantation should first consult with his/her doctor and make a face-to-face or online consultation appointment. otherwise, the chances of success of the procedure will decrease. The permanence of hair transplantation is directly proportional to the care and attention given to the hair after hair transplantation. The permanence of hair transplantation is directly proportional to the care and attention given to the hair after hair transplantation. An individual who has had a hair transplant should take more care of his/her hair after hair transplantation and care for it more frequently. otherwise, the transplanted hair tends to break and fall out in the beginning. The doctor who performs hair transplantation will give some instructions before and after the operation. If the person does not follow them, the result of the operation may be negatively affected.  To summarize, hair transplantation is permanent. However, it is directly proportional to the care of the transplanted hair. Of course, you can crown this care with a nice accommodation opportunity after surgery. There are many beautiful places to stay in Istanbul. Therefore, we recommend that you do not miss a nice vacation opportunity after hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant permanent or temporary?

Permanence of hair transplantation depends on some conditions.

  • Doctors who are experienced and specialized in their field should be selected, not inexperienced businesses that do not have healthy conditions in terms of hygiene.
  • People with ongoing hair loss should wait until the hair loss stops completely for hair transplant surgery.
  • The instructions given by the doctor after the operation should be followed carefully. If available, medication, solution or cream etc. should be used carefully and on time.
  • Care should be taken to transplant hair from areas that are genetically resistant to hair loss.


Is female hair transplant permanent?

Hair loss in women can be due to genetic reasons or for many reasons. Especially during pregnancy, hormonal changes can increase the rate of hair loss. Improper eating habits, excessive stress, irregular and unhealthy lifestyle play a major role in female hair loss. However, it would not be wrong to say that hair loss, which has become a nightmare for women, is becoming a thing of the past. Because now hair transplantation techniques such as the FUE technique can be applied very successfully for women. However, the first question that comes to most people’s minds when it comes to hair transplantation is: Is female hair transplantation permanent? The answer to this question will actually be briefly “YES IT IS PERMANENT”. But of course, there are many factors that affect this process.

Female hair structure and male hair structure are different from each other. This means that different genders have different types of hair loss. For example, female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss are different from each other. In male pattern hair loss, the front and upper parts of the head are usually shed while the back parts may remain intact. This is also the reason why the back of the head is chosen as the hair transplant donor area. However, in female pattern hair loss, since there is a loss throughout the hair, donor area selection and graft removal should be done more precisely. If the hair follicles in the area to be transplanted are suitable for growth, hair transplantation in women can be 100% permanent.

Is stem cell hair transplantation permanent?

Stem cells in the human body are responsible for restoring tissues that have been damaged for various reasons and for replacing cells that have died completely. In this context, stem cell therapy has been used in many medical fields. With the development of technology, stem cells also appear as a treatment method in the field of hair loss. With stem cell injections using individuals’ own tissues, hair loss is prevented and the problem of baldness is eliminated. Stem cell therapy is not only an alternative to other hair transplantation techniques but also a supportive treatment. Like other hair transplantation methods, stem cell hair transplantation is permanent and safe.

With stem cell treatment, hair follicles that have never woken up can be awakened and their healthy growth can be ensured, while the problem of hair loss is prevented. However, while new cells are created with stem cell therapy, damaged cells can be restored. This treatment can be used as a stand-alone hair transplantation treatment or as a support to other hair transplantation techniques. When stem cell therapy is applied after hair transplantation with other techniques, the existing hair can be strengthened and the new hair transplantation area can heal more quickly.  In addition, the fact that stem cell therapy is permanent is also seen as a major factor in its preference.

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Is fue hair transplantation permanent?

Hair transplants with the FUE technique are 100% permanent. However, after hair transplantation, all recommendations should be followed and the patient should regularly use the medical medications etc. given by the doctor. FUE hair transplantation will be permanent for individuals who are sensitive to such issues to be considered after hair transplantation.

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