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When Can I Wash My Hair Normally After Hair Transplant

What should I pay attention to after hair transplant?

Although a micro-level surgical operation is performed in the hair transplantation process, recovery may take time. It is very important to rest for the first three days. You should not neglect to use the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor regularly after hair transplantation. Especially water consumption should be at least two and a half litres a day. You should take care not to damage the newly transferred hair follicles. In terms of nutrition, you should abstain from certain foods for a certain period of time. The success of the operation is not limited to its surgical dimension. There are a series of instructions that you should and should not do after the procedure. You can spend this period in a healthy way by following the instructions. To get information about hair transplantation in Turkey, where advanced technology in medicine is closely followed and modern techniques are used Hair Tansplant in Turkey

Is There Pain After Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is quite normal to feel pain for a certain period of time because you have had a surgical operation. You can overcome this process mildly with the help of painkillers given by your doctor. The strip scar taken from the nape of the neck heals in a period of two months. After hair transplant surgery, you should avoid contact with the treated area in order for your micro-level wounds to heal properly. If possible, your choice of clothing should be such that you do not have to take it off your head. Especially for the first fifteen days, you should not be in environments such as Turkish baths or saunas where you may be exposed to hot and steam. You cannot enter a solarium. You should also not receive hairdressing services. Do not neglect to follow your doctor’s recommendations for a certain period of time in order not to lose the newly transplanted hair follicles. The clinic, which plans the hair transplantation process for you from beginning to end, covers your accommodation costs at a hotel very close to the hospital. In addition, the clinic offers you a driver who will meet you at both airports in Istanbul and accompany you during your return. Accomodation, which is included in the package, offers our patients modern rooms that are satisfying in terms of comfort and luxury throughout the treatment process. For any questions you may have about hair transplantation treatment, you can contact us from anywhere in the world with our Online Consultation service.

How often should washing hair after hair transplant be?

The most important thing you should pay attention about washing hair after hair transplant is to remember that the first three days are very critical. If the procedure was performed with the Fut technique, you should not wash your hair on the first day. Then, starting from the fourth day, you should wash your hair at least once a day for fifteen days. If your doctor has advised you to wash your hair more than once a day, you should definitely follow it. If hair transplantation has been performed with the Fue technique, you can take a shower after the procedure. While taking a shower, you should take care that the water does not come directly to the roots in the newly transplanted area. It is recommended not to use a comb for hair care on the first day. After a week, you can shower normally, comb your hair or do styling.

How often should washing hair after hair transplant be?

When Can I Wash My Hair Normally After Hair Transplant?

Since the sensitivity of the hair follicles will have decreased even more after fifteen days, it is sufficient to wash two or three times a week. You can switch to normal washing frequency upon the advice of your doctor. Generally, the washing frequency progresses in this period regardless of which hair transplantation technique is used. The main reason for washing your hair in this process is to remove the bruises on the scalp. The bruises that prevent the scalp from breathing are tried to be minimised by frequent washing. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to your washing regime after hair transplantation in terms of recovery. You cannot determine the end of your washing frequency yourself. Your doctor is the decision maker in this regard. As a result of following the instructions given, your hair follicles will be strengthened at the end of approximately six to seven months.

How Should I Prefer Shampoo After Hair Transplant?

After hair transplantation (after hair transplant), you may experience shock loss. This situation may affect you psychologically negatively. In order to avoid this situation, your choice of shampoo after hair transplant is very important. Shampoos that will ensure that the treated hair follicles are nourished and the roots are strongly attached to the place where they are transferred are suitable for use during this period. The first criterion to be considered for choosing the best shampoo after hair transplant is whether the shampoo is free of chemicals. Take care to use care products that will not prolong the healing process of your treated scalp.

Can I Do Sports After Hair Transplant?

 It is not recommended to do heavy sports activities for the first fifteen days, especially in hair transplantation with the fut technique. It is also inconvenient to do any work that will cause you to sweat. Sexual intercourse is also not recommended during the same period. In short, it is useful to stay away from everything that requires you to exert high effort.

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What should I pay attention to about nutrition after hair transplant?

 First of all, you should pay attention to fluid consumption. Cereals and animal foods should be reduced. Protein-supported foods should be preferred as much as possible.

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

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Before and After Hair Transplantation

What kind of a change do you experience when the follicles transplanted to the balding areas of your hair grow? Before the transfer of your hair follicles, your balding areas are photographed with a close-up. At the end of the treatment, new hair begins to grow after the follicles settle. In order to see how progress is made in this process, we help you make decisions with our Before / After application. Through the images showing the change in our patients, you can get concrete data on whether the treatment works or not.

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