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How to Sleep After Hair Transplant

How to sleep after hair transplant?

 Hair transplantation is one of the leading medical aesthetic operation methods that offer permanent solutions to people with thinning problems caused by hair loss. Since it is a surgical method, the treated area becomes sensitive after the operation.

Factors such as redness and crusting may occur. In addition, the anaesthetic residues remaining in the skin are excreted from the scalp.

Wounds in the treated skin structure, which will heal in a short time, may stick to the pillow and small tears may occur. For this reason, it is important to be careful after the operation, especially during sleep, and to choose the correct lying position. So, How to sleep after hair transplant?


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 Can i sleep on my side after hair transplant?

In hair transplantation operation, fut and fue methods cause temporary damage to the hair skin. As with any medical operation, there are some points to be considered in hair transplantation. It is necessary to protect the sensitised skin layer. For this reason, the position of the head area during sleep after the operation is of great importance.

In the days following the hair transplant operation, especially in the first seven days, it is necessary to pay attention to the sleeping position. It is important to follow the instructions given by your specialist physician. There is an important information that post-hair transplant clients should learn from the doctor who performed the operation:

Sleeping after hair transplant’ Experts do not recommend sleeping on your side in the first weeks after the procedure. Because the side lying position can cause swelling on the scalp.

Side sleeping position should not be preferred especially in the first ten days.

Can i sleep on face down after hair transplant?

Sleeping face down may cause unfavourable situations. If you sleep in this position, bleeding may occur in the donor area and the implanted area, as there will be excessive blood flow towards the forehead. Sleeping face down should definitely be avoided.

Using eye patches, wrapping or covering the face and head with handkerchiefs and similar covers during sleep may cause negative results.

How must be sleeping after hair transplant ?

How to sleep after hair transplant? is one of the most frequently asked questions to physicians after hair transplant operation. Experts state that the best sleeping position is lying on the back. It is recommended that the head should be above the body area. To realise this position, a 45-degree angle should be formed between the head and the body. The simplest way to do this is to use a high pillow or put two pillows under the head.

The position of the neck and head area higher than the body prevents the contact of the donor and implant areas with the pillow and creates a hygienic situation. Pillows that are not hard enough not to damage the newly transplanted hair follicles can be preferred.

After hair transplantation, it is important to comply with hygiene conditions during recovery. In the lying position, direct contact of the operation area with the pillow, pique or quilt should be prevented. Direct contact may cause problems such as infection. Changing the protection pad to be used daily will allow the wounds to heal quickly.

It is recommended by experts not to move as much as possible before and during sleep after the operation, after lying in bed. Right and left turns should be avoided. Each contact of the sensitive scalp with the bed may cause the hair follicles to break off. The first 48 hours are of great importance. Within seven to ten days following the hair transplantation procedure, the sleeping position restriction will end.

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How many days after hair transplant i can sleep normally?

For at least ten days after the hair transplant, sleeping positions should be observed unless otherwise instructed by the physician. If the instructions given are not followed, the regenerated hair follicle area may be damaged. It is important to follow both hygiene conditions and the correct sleeping position instructions to avoid hair follicle breakage or permanent scars on the skin.

To summarise:

-Supinelying position should be preferred

-High pillow should be used to create a 45-degree angle between the body and the head area.

-Hair transplant area should not directly touch the pillow.

If necessary, disposable pads should be used

-Hygiene conditions should be observed

-Do not move as much as possible duringlying down

When can i sleep normally after hair transplant?

How many days after hair transplant i can sleep normally? is one of the important questions that should be answered by specialists after the operation. Experts say that the normal lying position can be adopted after ten days. Ten days after the hair transplant operation, a face-up or side lying position can be preferred. However, care should still be taken and the prone position should not be used for a long time until the sensitivity of the scalp disappears.

After the second week, the scalp sensitivity will decrease and the hair follicles will be strengthened. After this process, any lying position can be preferred. However, it is still useful to get the doctor’s approval for a definitive answer. One month after the hair transplant operation, it is useful to take before/after photos and keep them. Two months later, you can take photos in the same way and show them to the physician. Thus, it provides a useful benefit in the follow-up of the healing process.

Elite clinics that perform hair transplantation operations provide Online Consultation service before and after the operation. Therefore, clients who are geographically distant from the medical centre can easily benefit from the information service. They can ask all kinds of questions online in the digital environment and access information provided by experts. Another transplantation method performed in clinics is for eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation is also performed in areas that are shed, thinned and deformed. Eyebrow transplantation is easy, painless and performed with the latest technological medical facilities.

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