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Are there artificial eyebrows


Are There Artificial Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are very important for the aesthetics of the human face. Also useful for the eyes, eyebrows help us communicate and make facial expressions. Eyebrow structures vary from person to person.

There are many reasons that can affect the appearance of eyebrows. Eyebrow loss can be caused by health problems or external factors. The individual who is faced with eyebrow loss resorts to various methods to solve this problem due to the feeling of incompleteness in facial expression.

One of these methods, artificial eyebrows, is one of the most frequently used methods. Today, different types of artificial eyebrows are available and can be produced in different colors and contours. In addition, artificial eyebrow hairs are produced from 100% natural hairs.

Can You Get Artificial Eyebrows?

People who have completely lost their eyebrows or have lost their eyebrows due to some reasons (accident, illness, etc.) can easily have artificial eyebrows. Apart from these, artificial eyebrows are an application that everyone can easily have done. Since there is no risk of any complications, individuals who want to achieve the desired look by removing their existing eyebrows and using artificial eyebrow hair are now frequently using this application.

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What Is The New Technique for Eyebrows?

Microblading 3D Hair Technique, one of the most remarkable applications of recent times

is different from eyebrow tattooing. In this application, instead of painting the inside of the eyebrow area, individual lines are drawn on your eyebrow area with a special microblading pen and a real eyebrow appearance is given. When deciding to have this application, it is absolutely necessary to look at the certificates of the center, whether the person who will do the application is competent, experienced and licensed. Otherwise, it should not be forgotten that bad results may be encountered.

Microblading 3D hair technique is performed to give a better appearance to sparse or completely shed eyebrows. The most important detail in the Microblading 3D hair technique, which is applied by choosing a color suitable for skin color and hair color without disturbing the natural appearance of the eyebrows, is that it is done without disturbing the naturalness of the face and eyebrow shape.

After the shape of the eyebrow is determined, the area to be applied with an anesthetic cream is numbed and tiny scratches are painlessly applied to the empty eyebrows.

One of the other techniques is eyebrow transplantation. This technique is one of the most ideal techniques for permanent eyebrows. Before eyebrow transplantation, it is important to evaluate the situation with an online consultation or face-to-face consultation with the doctor who will perform eyebrow transplantation. Then the eyebrow transplant operation is started. Necessary instructions are given to the individual who has eyebrow transplantation after the operation. If these instructions are strictly followed, a positive result will be obtained.

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What Can You Do If You Have No Eyebrows?


The easiest way to make thin and fallen eyebrows look fuller and more defined is with makeup. There are various makeup products you can use to do this: Eyebrow pencils and mascara are some of them.

Hair dye

To make eyebrows look fuller and darker, you can use semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes. You can also contact an esthetician or a specialist for this application.”

Nutritional supplements

According to some research, hair loss has been linked to certain vitamin deficiencies, including vitamin D and iron deficiencies. Therefore, taking nutritional supplements for vitamin D and iron may help strengthen and regrow hair, including your eyebrows.


The use of oil as a traditional method can be very beneficial for some. In this sense, the use of oil for eyebrows can also be effective.

How Do You Stick Fake Eyebrows On?

Clean eyebrows from makeup residue, excess body oil or other dirt. This helps your artificial eyebrows to stick better afterwards.

After examining your eyebrows in the mirror and deciding where you want them to start and end, lightly mark them with eyeliner. Make a marking taking into account how much the eyebrow arch should be.

Apply artificial eyebrow glue behind the artificial eyebrows

Place the artificial eyebrows and align them to your marking area.

How Do You Remove Fake Eyebrows?

When you want to remove artificial eyebrows, be careful not to pull them out directly, as you may also pull your own eyebrows out. Instead, gently pull your eyebrows out with a pair of tweezers. It is best to use a glue remover to remove artificial eyebrow hairs. Because such materials are specially produced and can easily dissolve adhesives.

What is the most natural looking permanent eyebrows?

In the Microfeathering technique, which is a microblading technique using some needles and blades to make the eyebrow more prominent by imitating real hairs, the individual can have permanent eyebrows due to the use of natural-looking eyebrow hairs.

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