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Can I Get A Hair Transplant For My Edges?

One of the indispensable aesthetic elements of women is undoubtedly their hair. Shaping your hair according to the style you have makes you happy. Appreciating your appearance allows you to be self-confident in the environments you participate in. Of course, hair is not the only factor of women’s beauty. But some see their hair as an indispensable element of their beauty and attractiveness. Well, can your hair, which is exposed to long-term processing to shape and get a well-groomed appearance, withstand wear and tear?

Blow-drying every day, giving full curls with tongs can tire your hair after a while. Excessive hair loss can be seen in hair exposed to these processes. Especially along the hairline, hair loss and baldness occur. Hair loss along the hairline, although rare, is a condition that women encounter in hair loss patterns. Hairline regression occurs in the form of receding hairline from the forehead. In the long term, these openings may turn into male pattern hair loss. Now let’s come to the most important question you can ask yourself about this issue; Is this problem, which is annoying and disrupts aesthetic integrity, unsolvable? Can I get a hair transplant for my edges? In this article, we have answered all the questions you may have about the edge hair transplantation process that ends these baldness that occurs along the hairline and directly catches the eye.

There may be many reasons that cause hairline regression and baldness. The fact that early family life is a difficult process can manifest itself in the form of hair loss in the following years, in other words, the way psychological depressions are reflected in our body can be through our hair. The fact that our education life is a very difficult process or the stress of your business life can also cause hair loss. Perhaps your health history, the medications you use or the surgical operations you have undergone have left you with the problem of baldness. Finally, changes in your hormones (such as pregnancy) or aging can cause regression along the hairline.

Can I Get A Hair Transplant For My Edges?

Hair loss along your hairline can seriously disrupt your hair integrity. This situation can indirectly affect women psychologically. Like every woman, you care about your personal care and appearance. You may not know how to deal with this problem, especially since the visible loss of your hair is a situation that you cannot camouflage. You may have read many content about female hair transplant hairline lowering and tried various herbal treatments. With the developing medical technology, edge hair transplant and hair loss is no longer a problem. Today, compared to the old periods, women hair hairline transplant can be performed quite comfortably.

Can I Get A Hair Transplant For My Edges?

Is Hairline Surgery Painful?

The hair loss along the hairline and the hair regrowth towards the back of your forehead are eliminated by hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be performed with various methods, especially the FUE technique. Although these methods are simple surgical interventions, you may experience low-level pain after the procedure. Since the area where the graft transplantation will be performed is numbed with local anaesthesia during the operation, you will not feel any pain and you will be awake during the procedure. After the operation, you should be very careful to use painkillers and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Edge After Hair Transplant Surgery

After the graft transplantation for the hairline, you should not go beyond the information given by your physician about the frequency of washing your hair. In particular, you should avoid situations that will damage the hair follicles that have just been transferred and have not yet firmly attached. When washing your hair, you can massage your hair without applying pressure. You should not use personal care products such as combs etc. for a month.

One of the important factors you should pay attention to is that you should not be in hot and steamy environments (sauna, Turkish bath). In particular, you should not do activities such as swimming in the pool and swimming in the sea for a month. Such situations prevent your hair follicles from settling and prevent you from getting the expected result.

Consult your doctor about nutrition after the operation. Avoid milk and dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, kefir) for as long as possible for one week. Take care to get plenty of protein (eggs, red meat). This diet will support your recovery speed.

How Many Grafts Do I Need For Hairline?

 Edges hair transplantation is a problem that can be solved with a smaller number of grafts compared to other procedures, since baldness does not occur in a large area if intervened in time. However, it may not be correct to give a precise amount about the number of grafts without examining your hair structure and the rate of regression in the hairline by a specialist doctor. You can contact our clinic directly to make a definite decision about hair transplantation and answer the questions you have in mind.

Can I Get A Hair Transplant For My Edges?

How Do You Fix No Edges?

For whatever reason, the deteriorated hairline can be restored by hair transplantation method. Although this takes about a year, it is more permanent than any other method. Some of the methods of treating hairline regression are as follows:

  • FUE Technique

It is the process of taking hair follicles from the donor area by means of special surgical equipment and transplanting hair grafts by opening micro-level channels in the area where the transfer will be performed. Since there are small incisions in this procedure, redness persists for a while. Antibiotics are used to prevent the risk of infection. It is one of the most popular techniques in hair transplantation. It has many advantages compared to the Fut technique.

This technique, also known as direct hair transplantation, is performed with a very simple method. It is performed by means of a pen used for medical purposes known as choi, which is specially developed for this technique. The difference from the Fue technique is that edge hair transplantation can be performed without opening channels at the micro level. In addition, the procedure is finalised in a single session.

With this method, donor is taken from the nape of the neck. The reason why the roots to be taken from the neck is that this area heals quickly and does not cause aesthetic deterioration. It is generally preferred if graft transplantation will be performed in a small area. Because it is a method with a limited number of donors.

Certain rules that you should know in terms of the techniques listed above are vital for you. The medical equipment used for hair transplantation and the clinic where the procedure is performed must be absolutely sterile. Since there is a risk of infection easily, make sure that the clinic where you plan to have this procedure performed gives confidence in terms of hygiene. The reason why individuals with infectious diseases cannot benefit from hair transplantation service is because the procedure is open to such dangers.

What Is The Best Hairline For Hair Transplant?

 Apart from the natural process, hairline regression is seen, but due to the genetic codes we are born with, the hairline may be well behind the forehead. For black women who frequently experience this situation, the hairline can be brought forward with very simple methods. Since black women hair edge hair transplantation does not require a large number of grafts, it can be realised at a very reasonable price financially. Since the person’s own hair follicles are transferred directly to the area to be transplanted, there will be no problem such as hair difference.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost For Edges?

 Although hairline recession is mostly seen in men, it can also be encountered in women. Hairline recession can cause baldness with hair loss in the whole area, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. In cases where various creams or drug treatment is insufficient, edge hair transplantation is one of the healthiest methods that can be preferred. The absence of any side effects makes hair transplantation more attractive than other treatment methods. It is not possible to say a precise price about hair transplant cost for edges. The reason for this is that it is not known how much regression is in your hairline. Therefore, how many grafts will be transferred and how much it will cost is only possible by contacting the clinic where you will have hair transplantation.

Do Hairline Transplants Last Forever?

 Since Edges hair transplant is permanent compared to other methods, you will not have to continue this procedure many times. After the transfer of the grafts, the healing process begins, in this process, the shock effect of your hair loss should not make you fear “will I have to undergo this procedure again and again?”. Shock spillage in hair transplantation is quite natural. After this loss, you will visibly feel that healthy and strong hair grows from the transplanted hair follicles within three or four months.

The detailed answer to all these questions is just a click away!

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