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Hair transplantation is a procedure performed to achieve a natural and permanent hairline for individuals experiencing hair loss, by transplanting healthy hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area. It is typically performed under local anaesthesia and takes approximately 6-8 hours. However, many factors can affect the results after hair transplantation, and one of them is weather conditions. Hot and cold weather conditions have a significant impact on hair transplantation results.

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Should I Take Any Precautions for Hot or Cold Weather After Hair Transplantation?

Regarding cold weather, we do not experience any issues after hair transplantation as cold weather conditions can help protect hair follicles. However, to avoid any trauma caused by rain during autumn or winter, it is important to have an umbrella with you. Additionally, rainy weather can aggravate infection in the implanted area, so you should be careful about this. We do not recommend wearing a hat to avoid any impact on the transplanted area, but if you want to use one, it should have sufficient width like the hat we provide in our clinic. You can use any hat to protect against the cold 10 days after the procedure.

We recommend avoiding sweating in hot weather to avoid changing the pH balance of the scalp tissue. Hair follicles are more sensitive and fragile in hot weather than in cold weather. Therefore, high temperatures can cause damage to hair follicles. We recommend wearing a hat of sufficient width to protect against direct sunlight damage. In addition, during the healing process, we advise you to stay away from seawater or chlorinated water in the pool to prevent any impact on the hair transplant procedure.

The Effects of Hot and Cold Weather Conditions on Hair Transplantation and Our Recommendations on This Topic Can Be Summarized as Follows:

Cold Weather and Hair Transplantation:

  • Cold weather conditions can have positive effects on the protection of hair follicles.
  • We recommend using an umbrella to avoid rain during the winter to prevent any negative effects in the hair transplantation area.
  • If you are going to use a hat to protect yourself from the cold weather, it should be of the width recommended by your doctor. You can use any hat to protect yourself from the cold 10 days after the procedure.

Hair Transplant Success: Can Weather Affect Your Results?

Hot Weather and Hair Transplantation:

  • It is necessary to avoid any activities that may cause sweating for a while to maintain the pH balance in the scalp texture.
  • High temperatures can damage hair follicles, negatively affecting the results of hair transplantation.
  • We recommend using a hat of sufficient width to prevent direct sun damage.
  • We advise against swimming in the sea or pool for a while as the chlorine in the pool and salt water can harm the hair transplantation procedure.

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