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The most important reason for hair transplantation is generally psychological. Especially in women, hair means an extension of the body. For men, it is a symbol of power and prestige. Studies have shown that hair loss has great psychological effects on people.

We can say the same for missing teeth or decayed teeth. For example, there is a difference between the smile of someone with healthy teeth and the smile of someone with rotten and damaged teeth. When people see these two people laughing, they are more positive towards the person with healthy teeth.


A Few Weeks After Hair Transplant

The first few weeks after hair transplantation can be difficult for people. Because they will not be able to maintain their old habits and will have to pay attention to many issues.
For example, the hair should not be washed for the first week. The first wash takes place in the clinical setting.

Harmful Habits are Dropped

Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is abandoned a few weeks before and a few weeks after hair transplantation. For those who are addicted, this process is quite difficult. Although not for alcohol, we can say that the process is more difficult especially for smokers.

You Will Not Be Directly Exposed To The Sun’s Rays

You won’t be able to go out into direct sunlight for the first few weeks. You will take a break from pool and sports activities. You will not be able to go to the hammam and sauna.
If you are a coffee drinker, you will have to take a break from coffee consumption until one week after the operation.

If you have made a vacation plan, you will have to postpone it after the operation. Because for a few weeks you will be strictly forbidden to enter the sea.
As can be seen, the process after hair transplant operations is challenging for many people.


Your Hair Will Be Better Than Before

However, despite all these difficulties, your hair will begin to grow and even regain its old appearance, and you will see that all the troubles you have endured are not in vain with the psychological relief it provides.
In addition, your self-confidence will increase and this will make your psychology stronger.

Your Nutrition Gets Organized

Hair transplantation procedures are very useful as a diet. Because you will have to pay attention to what you eat before and after the operation. The best part is that experts will help you with this. Thanks to the diet, you will get rid of your excess weight, and you will be healthier by getting the nutrients your body needs.

Your Psychology Will Improve

The problem of baldness is more psychological as well as physiological. Although hair is an important accessory for women, it is also important for men and is an indicator of prestige.
People who do not have hair or suffer from partial baldness feel bad psychologically. They have self-esteem problems.

After hair transplantation, people’s psychological problems disappear. The self-confidence problem also disappears by itself.

You Will Find the Opportunity to Socialize

Now your hair is thicker and stronger. Your self-confidence is restored and you can meet new people without fear. In terms of socialization, some elements must be present in humans. Lush and healthy hair is one of them.


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