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Anyone who is genetically or non-genetically associated with some of the environmental influences, and who cares about their appearance and wants to improve their appearance, is considered a candidate for a hair transplant.

And if this operation is suitable for anyone who has problems with hair loss?

If hair loss becomes permanent, do not panic, because its treatment has become possible in modern conditions. With the FUE technique (Follicular Extraction Units) in the Dr. Sait Bircan clinic, together with his professional hair transplant team, we are ready to help everyone who is faced with the problem of baldness.

In addition to the treatment of hair loss in our clinic, it is also possible to treat eyebrows, beard and moustache that thin out with a time.

Hair transplantation improves general well-being, rejuvenating and improving appearance, increasing self-confidence. Most people with realistic expectations and good overall health are candidates for a hair transplant. However, not every candidate with a good general health hair transplant surgery may be suitable.

Even if surgery is possible, it may not always be the best option for hair transplantation. If all attempts to stop hair loss are unsuccessful, surgery should be the last resort. To fully meet your expectations from the operation, you need to listen to the opinion of a hair transplant specialist.

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