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Hair Transplant Success Rate


How Do We Know If Hair Transplant Is Successful?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that has been applied for many years in Turkey and in the world and is applied to everyone who is aesthetically appropriate. Hair transplantation is the name given to the process of transferring the permanent hair from the back to the bald areas, in other words, the transplantation. The area to be transplanted does not have to be completely devoid of hair. Sometimes, women and men may experience thinning of the hair in some areas. Hair transplantation can be easily applied to people who have thinning problems if the experts deem it appropriate. Hair transplantation is performed using different methods. There is not a big difference between these methods in terms of success. The use of personalized methods during the hair transplantation process affects the success rate positively. For detailed information about the success rate of hair transplantation, you can review the rest of the article.

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It is not an easy situation to achieve 100% success in hair transplantation success rate. However, with the understanding of 100% customer satisfaction, results beyond expectations can be achieved.

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What is the Success Rate in Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is one of the most successful procedures among aesthetic surgical procedures. The success rate of hair transplantation is affected by two factors, depending on the patient and the team performing the procedure. The fact that the person has a very intense hair loss, that is, the level of baldness is high, reduces the chances of success of the hair transplant procedure. Because for hair transplantation, there must be enough hair to transfer in a certain area. If the patient does not have enough hair, the desired result may not be obtained as a result of the operation. The genetic characteristics of the patient are also important for obtaining the desired result from hair transplantation. In some patients, the wound healing rate is slower. This may cause the result of the hair transplant procedure to be below the patient’s expectations.

Successful hair transplantation can only be performed by experts in the field. The specialist who will perform the procedure must first correctly determine the area to be used for transplantation. In the hair transplantation process, the hair that is taken from a place that does not show hair loss and grows back to a large extent. Hair transplantation can be performed using different techniques today. Hair transplantation methods such as FUE, FUT, DHI come first among these methods. These methods do not directly affect the success rate of hair transplantation. However, a doctor with sufficient experience will determine the most suitable method for the patient. This increases the chance of success of the procedure. In addition to these, placing the hair collected during hair transplantation at the right angle also increases the chance of success.

How Do We Know If Hair Transplant Is Successful?

The developments in the methods used in hair transplantation operations in recent years have a positive effect on the success rate of hair transplantation operations in the world and in Turkey. The success rate of hair transplant procedures applied in Turkey varies between 95% and 97%. In order to answer the question of how successful hair transplantation is, the result of hair transplantation must meet certain criteria. The features of a successful hair transplant can be listed as follows:

• The transplanted hair should grow to a large extent and should not fall out again.
• Adequate tightness should be achieved in the hair transplant area and there should be no sparseness.
• It is important that the physician pays attention to the naturalness during the hair transplantation process. The front hairline should not be started too far from the front or too far back. It is also important that the front hairline does not appear as a very smooth line. The hairline that starts in this way spoils the natural appearance of the person. For this reason, a smooth hairline must be formed to talk about a successful hair transplant procedure.
• Another criterion to mention that the transplantation process is successful is the angle of the newly grown hair. Newly grown hair should be neither too vertical nor too horizontal.

With the development of the methods used in hair transplantation operations, the number of successful hair transplantation procedures has been quite high in recent years. You can also apply to a hair transplant center to get information about hair transplant.

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