How Do You Know That You Are A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

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Some people are not suitable for hair transplantation. In some people, transplantation methods give very successful results.


Suitable Criteria for Hair Transplantation

If you meet the criteria below, you can definitely have a hair transplant.

  • If your hair loss level is 2 or higher on the Norwood-Hamilton scale,
  • If you have come to the end of the hair loss process, that is, if you have very little hair left in your head area,
  • If you have enough hair follicles in your donor area, that is, if you have enough hair follicles in the nape and beard area,If your skin color is compatible with your hair color,
  • If your hair has a thick structure,
  • If your scalp is flexible,
  • It will prevent hair transplantation; If you do not have skin diseases such as psoriasis, alopecia, folliculitis, hair follicle inflammation, alopecia areata disease, seborrheic dermatitis,
  • If your physical formation is suitable for hair transplantation,
  • If you meet the age criteria,
  • If you have had a hair analysis and the result is positive,

If you are a suitable candidate for transplantation. Especially if your scalp is flexible and your hair follicles in the nape and beard area are strong, hair transplantation will be easier and more efficient for you.

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Hair Transplant Age

You have to wait for the age of 19-20 for hair transplantation. If you have lost hair before this age, there is probably an important cause and you should get treatment first as it is already a serious illness.
We can say that the age limit for hair transplantation is 65 years. After this age, transplantation may not be successful because serious diseases usually occur.

Hair Transplantation in Wound and Burn Scars

If you have serious burns and scars and they have healed, that is, if these scars have been standing for a long time and have become permanent, you can still have transplantation.

Hair transplantation process

Those with Some Serious Diseases Can Have It Done

Those with high blood pressure and diabetes can have transplantation after getting the approval of the doctor. However, transplantation is not performed for people with certain diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

Before Transplantation

Before the procedure, the doctor who will perform the procedure learns the patient’s disease history. In addition, some tests may be requested. The reason for this is to clearly determine whether the person is suitable for transplantation.
As a result of the examination and examinations, if the person does not have serious disorders that will prevent hair transplantation, the person can easily have transplantation.
Transplantation can be done after some temporary diseases are treated. For example, after the treatment of skin diseases on the scalp is completed, transplantation can be done easily.

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