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ice graft hair transplantation

There are many people who are struggling with hair loss and thinking about going through a hair transplant procedure. If you are one of those people, you may be wanting to know about ice graft hair transplantation technique. There are many different transplantation techniques that use different methods to carry out this operation. Each of these techniques may have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

In case you are dealing with hair loss, you may be considering having a hair transplant. Among the techniques that are used for transplantation, you may be curious about ice graft hair transplantation. This is basically a technique that can be used with FUE transplantation. In this method hair grafts that are taken from the donor site are left in a special cold solution in order to increase their survival rate and improve the quality of the final result. If you want to learn more about the ice graft hair transplantation method, you can keep reading this blog post.


What is Ice Graft Hair Transplantation?

For a hair transplant, there are many different methods that can be used. For example, DHI, FUT and FUE are different methods of hair transplantation. Each of these methods can have certain advantages and disadvantages. One of the methods that can be used with the FUE hair transplantation technique is ice graft hair transplantation.

Simply put, ice graft hair transplantation is mostly carried out like any other FUE hair transplantation. However, after the hair transplant specialist takes the hair grafts from the donor site and before they are transplanted to the scalp, the hair grafts are left in a special cold solution. Therefore what differentiates ice graft hair transplantation from other hair transplant methods is the way in which the hair grafts are stored.

What are Some of the Advantages of Ice Graft Hair Transplantation Method?

Different hair transplant methods can have different advantages and disadvantages. Due to some possible advantages, ice graft hair transplantation may be preferred. Here are some of the advantages that ice graft hair transplantation can have:

  • Since the hair grafts are stored in a special cold solution, their survivability can increase due to pH strengthening and cooling.
  • Increased survivability of the hair grafts can improve the success rate of the operation.
  • As ice graft hair transplantation technique allows a longer time period for transplantation, there is less rush during the procedure.
  • With the ice graft hair transplantation technique the patient can go through the hair transplant procedure in a more comfortable way.

Get a Good Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey with the Expertise of Dr. Bircan

If you are planning to have a hair transplant, you may be considering ice graft hair transplantation as an option. In case you want to have an easy and convenient hair transplantation experience, you may want to check out our clinic in Istanbul. Because with the expertise of Dr. Bircan, you can go through your hair transplantation operation in a very simple and hassle-free way in Turkey.

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