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Hair loss is an issue that many people are struggling with and it can have numerous different causes. Regardless of why it happens, hair loss can cause an unappealing look that can affect the patient’s life and self-confidence to a great degree. Due to burns and scars, you may be dealing with a loss of hair in a certain area. This may be your scalp, beard or eyebrow and you may be thinking of having a hair transplant for it. If you are curious about whether hair transplantation is also possible on burn scars or scar tissue, you can learn about this here on this blog post.


Are You Unhappy with Your Looks Due to a Burn Scar or Scar Tissue?

If you have had an accident that caused you to lose some of your hair, this situation may be affecting you a lot. First of all, it can have a considerable impact on how you look. Therefore this may be affecting how you feel about yourself. Moreover, everytime you see that scar, you may be remembering that accident as well. So all in all, hair loss due to an accident can really be affecting you. However, if you are unhappy with your looks due to a burn scar or scar tissue, you may consider having a hair transplant.

Transplantation Can Be an Option Even If You Have a Burn Scar

While your burn scar can be affecting your appearance and confidence to a large degree, we may have a solution for this. Basically, you can have a hair transplant to cover up the area with hair and create a fairly natural-looking appearance. Because transplantation can still be an option with hair loss due to a burn scar. At our clinic, we offer hair transplantation services with top-notch quality. Now, if you want to have a transplant over a burn scar, you can get in contact with us and let us evaluate your hair loss situation and hopefully come up with a plan.

How is the Hair Transplantation Process Carried Out with a Burn Scar?

When you have hair loss due to an accident such as a burn, you may be curious about how this procedure is carried out. Mostly, it is no different than hair loss due to another issue. However, the area should be already healed, since we can’t work on a burn scar that is very recent. Other than this, the amount of the hair loss due to the accident can be important as well. Basically, in a hair transplant operation, the specialist takes hair grafts from the donor site and transplants them to the area with hair loss.

Have a Hair Transplant on Burn Scar or Scar Tissue at Dr. Bircan’s Clinic

In case of hair loss due to an accident, a hair transplant operation can require meticulous work. So if you are struggling with such an issue and looking for a place to have a hair transplant, you have finally found the right clinic. You can go through a hair transplant operation at our clinic easily and have a convenient hair transplant experience.

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