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Hair transplantation without shaving hairs is not an another hair transplant technique, it can be used with FUE and DHI techniques as well.

To extract the roots from the back of the head, which is considered to be the donor area by the micromotor Sapphire method, hairs are required to be shaved. Unshaven hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair roots from the nape of the head without shaving.

If you come to our Dr. Bircan clinic, you can get the most accurate information about whether your head photos are suitable for the hair transplant process without shaving your hair, after evaluation of our doctor.

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Hair Transplantation

Unshaven hair transplantation is usually recommended for closing bald area gaps in the front areas, closing and thickening the vertex part of the head, in cases where it is desirable to lower the frontal line of hair by 1-2 cm, as well as for women who do not want their hair were shaved.

Sometimes our patients want to return to their social life or work earlier, and in these cases, a hair transplantation without haircut can be an alternative solution.

The DHI technique can be recommended by our physician to maintain the frequency of unshaven hair transplantation.

 For this reason, you can share your photos with us in the “Contacts” section so that you can be provided by more detailed information.

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