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During the preoperative consultation, the doctor checks the structure, type, degree of hair loss, scalp elasticity and hair density in the donor area, thus deciding whether the hair root implantation is appropriate, and develops a plan to achieve the most appropriate hair restoration.

This plan may require one or more hair transplant operations and pharmacological treatment.

The importance of age in hair transplant;

Young candidates of 20 years old may not be suitable for hair transplant, since the order of hair loss is still not completely known, and the loss is still ongoing. Otherwise, after hair transplantation, over time with an increased hair loss in different areas of the head, previously transplanted hair, forming islets, can cause an unpleasant appearance.

It is necessary to make sure that the expectations and predictions of an individual’s hair loss will be acceptable in the future.

The number of donor hair roots; Another important factor that determines whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation is both the amount of hair loss in thinning areas and the number of donor hair follicles (graft), which is used for transplantation into these areas.

It should be noted that the number of hair follicles in the donor area is limited. Candidates should have healthy growing hair in the area between the ears and on the sides of the head.

A sufficient number of hair follicles must be present in the donor area for best results.

If this limited number of donor hair roots is not gently implanted, the result of the operation will not meet your expectations.

Natural hair groups formed by several hair follicles are called follicular units. Follicular units often contain a large number of hair roots, which means a high density of the donor area.

 Follicular units are transplanted without damaging their integrity, to ensure the appearance of natural hair.

Hair type;Another factor influencing the success of hair transplantation is your hair type. Factors such as hair color, texture, wavy hair are evaluated at the consultation stage.

Hair Transplant

“Baldness” means thinning hair, and then permanent loss of all hair over time.

The relationship between hair type and baldness becomes apparent from the reflection of the light of the scalp, translucent through thinning hair.

In line with this, thick wavy-type hair perfectly covers the skin, so it prevents baldness from being detected by blocking the light falling on the head.

The lower the contrast between the hair color and the scalp color, the greater the success of hair transplantation.

Since as the contrast increases, it becomes more and more difficult to fill the lumens of the spacing, therefore more hair transplantation is required.

For example, a person with dark skin should have significant hair loss in order to recognize the rarity of dark hair.

However, the rarity of dark hair in a light-skinned person is easy to notice shortly after the appearance of the hair fluid.

We can summarize that the main characteristics that need to be checked at the preoperative consultation stage before hair transplantation are: age, hair type, hair loss properties and the number of donor hair follicles available to an individual and assessment of baldness area.

Assessment during the consultation stage is important in order to determine whether individuals with realistic expectations and good general health are suitable candidates for hair transplantation.

However, it is also necessary to mention some cases when a person is not suitable for hair transplantation:

•  People taking regular treatment, such as chemotherapy, having alopecia and skin diseases, as the hair in these situations keeps falling out.

It is necessary to wait, the final condition of the hair, in the aftermath of treatment, which will lead to the full recovery of the disease.

• Hair transplantation is also not performed if due to stress, trauma or various environmental effects thinning or temporary hair loss occurs. It is required to investigate whether hair loss is regular and permanent.

It should be understood that the procedure for hair transplantation applied to each individual will be different, and hair transplantation will not give the same results for all. Before deciding on an operation, you should carefully consider your expectations.

If you think that the hair transplant method suits you and would like more detailed information, you can contact our expert team at the Dr.Sait Bircan clinic for advice.

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