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During the recovery period after hair transplantation, one part of the hair may fall out in the first few weeks. Therefore, the early results of hair transplantation may be disappointing.

Natural hair groups formed by several hair roots, i.e. follicular units, in usual time when hair grow and fall out, have a rest, and after a while hair grow again. For this reason, the initial hair in the transplanted area may be temporarily thinning, at the time when it passes to the resting stage in the growth cycle.

After hair transplantation, the healing process is completed within 5-12 months, and the most natural results are obtained. Although the healing period may be different for each patient, it may be affected by seasonal changes, such as the fact that hair grows much faster in the summer season than in the winter season.

After a hair transplant surgery, the process of losing initial hairs or hairs that has been transplanted is called “Post-shocked condition of hair loss”. Minimizing the effects of post-shocked hair loss is possible when using drugs containing finasteride, such as propecia, minoxidil, and rogaine.

This ensures a balance of both the existing hairs and a reduction in the risk of hair loss after surgery.

The stage of hair loss, due to partial loss of transplanted hairs and previously existing hairs, is known as the “ugly duckling” healing stage.

Appearance during this period may worry our patients, but an excellent result achieved after this period, surmountable by the manifestation of patience and courage, will lead us to increased self-esteem and general admiration.

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