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Which season can I have hair transplantation?

Do you have doubts or questions about seasonal effects for hair transplantation? Let’s take a look.

Hair transplantation can be done in all seasons.

However, there are seasons when people feel comfortable. For example, some people like the summer season. Some people also enjoy the winter season.

The important thing here is to protect the place where hair transplantation is performed from seasonal effects.

For example, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight in summer.

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In the winter months, it is not recommended to go out in cold weather.

Even if it is to be removed, the place where the hair transplant is made should be protected.

In general, the best time for transplantation is spring. Because in these months the weather is warm and there are no extreme weather events.

Check out the video linked below to get an answer about this question from Doctor Bircan’s himself.

Still have questions?

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