Who Has Their Hair Transplantation Performed in Turkey?

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Many tourists have their hair transplants done in Turkey, first and foremost European tourists. The tourists who have preferred Turkey for hair transplantation in recent years are already pouring in from all over the world. Besides Europe, Turkey is preferred by many other people from countries such as North and South America, Brazil, Canada, Russia, the Arabian Peninsula.

Why Turkey is preferred?

Turkey is always professional when it comes to hair transplants. Foreign tourists prefer Istanbul and have the possibility to have a hair transplant as well as a holiday.

One of the most important reasons that Turkey is preferred is the advanced medical technology. Many successful Turkish surgeons, thanks to their education in hair transplantation, have made Turkey famous all over the world.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Transplantation practices in Turkey have taken on a new dimension in the last 10 years. The transplantations done with economic budgets attract the attention of many foreign tourists. Doing hair transplants in Turkey is quite economically advantageous for European tourists. Our country has come a long way in the world of modern medicine. Especially the number of hair transplant centers in Ankara and Istanbul is quite high. For this reason, many domestic and foreign tourists prefer our country for hair transplant applications.

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