Why Alcohol and Cigarettes Are Not Used Before Hair Transplantation?

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The use of alcohol and cigarettes is prohibited weeks before the hair transplant procedure. The reason for the alcohol ban is that alcohol is especially blood thinner. If alcohol is consumed until the day of the operation, the blood becomes watery and it becomes difficult for the blood to clot. This means that the bleeding takes longer, even if it is very little, during the procedure.

In other words, if you do not stop drinking alcohol until a week or two before, there will be no blood clotting and this will complicate the operation.
In addition, alcohol use will harm the healing process. Recovery time will be longer. It will also increase the risk of complications during the operation.

The negative effects of alcohol are also seen after hair transplantation. The transplanted hair follicles may not be able to adhere to the skin.
The negative effects of smoking are also parallel to alcohol. So it slows down the healing process. Also, smoking causes blood flow to slow down.

Smoking causes a decrease in oxygen in the blood. This means that the amount of oxygen needed by the hair tissues will be less and the operation will be endangered.

Harms of Alcohol in Hair Transplantation

In general, alcoholic beverages have a destructive effect on the body. They tire the liver. They also damage other organs. Most importantly, it has blood thinning properties.
They cause drowsiness in the brain and disrupt the body’s order. Alcohol reduces the amount of water in the body. Dehydration of the body means that the functions of the body are disrupted.
It negatively affects blood flow due to its blood thinning properties. In order for all organs of the body, especially hair transplantation, to function properly, blood flow must be at normal levels.

Alcohol causes vasoconstriction. After a while, it can cause clogged arteries. In hair transplantation, it has negative effects on the vessels that feed the hair follicles.
It disrupts sleep quality and regularity. Regular sleep means that the brain rests and blood flow continues in its normal course.

The Hazards of Smoking

There are more than 7 thousand chemicals in cigarettes and many of these substances are toxic. It is harmful to the whole body, whether passive or active smoking.

It causes clogged arteries. Our whole body works in a healthy way with blood fluid. Occlusion of the arteries means that the blood flow will be adversely affected.
In other words, if smoking is not stopped before hair transplantation, it will have negative effects on the operation.

Cigarette smoke mostly affects the lungs. When cigarette smoke instead of fresh air, that is, oxygen, goes to the lungs, breathing difficulties are encountered. If people do not get enough oxygen regularly, their body functions will not function properly.
Like other organs of the body, hair follicles need oxygen and regular blood flow. In order for the cells in here to perform their duties in a healthy way, the vessels must be open and the body must receive sufficient oxygen.
In this regard, it is very important to stop the use of alcohol and cigarettes before the hair transplantation process and for the body to recover itself.

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